Webinar on Crew Work and Downwind Tips

Part of the 2020 Thistle Nationals Roundtable Series was a webinar focused on crew work and downwind speed. Jeff Eiber, Greg Fisher, Sarah Paisley, Wayne Pignolet and Jesse Shedden discuss how to coordinate Thistle crew work and improve downwind speed. They also touch a bit on upwind speed to answer questions from the previous webinar.

Check below the video for webinar segment timestamps.


0:00:00 – Introduction by Wayne Pignolet

0:06:12 – Remembering Charlie Proctor

0:08:06 – Webinar agenda

0:09:15 – Upwind: Commentary on an upwind photo from the last webinar

  • Heel
  • Weight together
  • Crew position
  • Jib trim
  • Outhaul and vang
  • Overbend wrinkles
  • Cunningham and main halyard

0:14:45 – Downwind: Commentary on a downwind photo from the last webinar

  • Vang tension
  • Pole height
  • Cunningham and outhaul ease
  • Crew placement
  • Heel

0:31:34 – Reaching: Commentary on a reaching photo from the last webinar

  • Heel
  • Centerboard position
  • Crew position
  • Communication

0:35:42 – Review of video #1

0:43:55 – Review of video #2

0:51:44 – Review of video #3

0:58:59 – Quick promo of www.thistlepics.com (photography from 2019 Sandpoint Nationals)

0:59:45 – Dousing the spinnaker

1:04:02 – Leeward mark rounding

1:05:52 – Keys to being a fast crew

1:14:25 – The next webinar

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