Mark Andrew

by Mark Andrew

For Sale Thistle 4020  White Hull, Grey Interior, Teak, Silver Mast  $ 27,500 Firm  Fully Optioned  This is a “Turn Key” boat ready for any regatta, MWW, MWE, etc   Sails:  North Ched Main, 2 days, Sandusky Nationals    Jib, Better than club not quite Nationals  Main, Better than club not quite Nationals  Jib #2, Brand New, Never used.  Spin #1, North Cross cut, Red and White, Still Crispy flies great.  Spin #2, North Arix Radial, Newer but more use.   Standard GMW Fittings. Jib Masters, Hyfield lever, 360s for Centerboard and Vang, Drum for CB. 4:1 Jib Halyard, Main Halyard...

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