Mark Agnew

by Mark Agnew

Lovingly restored, #994 has a complete set of brand new hardware worth almost $6000!  Everything inside the boat is brand new, including Proctor Main $1574 and Jib $825 made in 2021, used once. Two extra mains, two extra jibs, spinnaker. Great Midwest Mast: Fully rigged, includes rope-to-wire main and jib halyards, 5/32" spinnaker halyard, six spreaders with end bolts, wire-hung topping lift block, black $1395 Great Midwest boom, - includes 6:1 internal outhaul, bottom-mounted aluminum clam cleat, self-fairleading swivel turning block, and a third track slider   $510 Great Midwest spinnaker pole, 1 1/4" aluminum tubing, stainless steel and bronze...

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