Matt Kreuzkamp

by Matt Kreuzkamp

D&M Wood Thistle #1853 Complete restoration 2008-2011 Project documented here: Totally re-joined including Rails Gratings Seats & seat supports Thwart Trunk: inside surfaces are fiber-glassed, weave filled with graphite powder & epoxy resin and sanded flat. Transom Hull faired to perfection, sheathed in S-Glass & epoxy, painted with Interlux Perfection 13# of lead corrector weights.  Modular/adjustable system allows weights to remove easily for varnishing.  Stacked dive weights allow adjustment should the boat get heavier/lighter over the years Mast new in 2017, barely used since. Boom has custom machined ends out of HDPE Carbon spinnaker pole Custom trailer with athwartship bunks...

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