Thistle Nationals 2022 – Day 2 Race 1 & 2

Thistle Nationals – Monday, May 16 – Jacksonville, FL, FYC The opening day of racing at the Thistle Nationals provided some great weather and a slight respite from the high temps we all encountered over the weekend.  The winds weren’t very strong, nor very stable, but the great Race Committee, led by Mark Foster, got … Read more

Thistle Nationals 2022 – Day 1 Practice Race

On a stroll through the boat yard this morning, in bright Florida sun and temps hovering around 90 degrees, there was a nice bustle among participants at the 2022 Thistle National Championship at Florida Yacht Club in Jacksonville. Sailors were catching up with friends, making last-minute tuning adjustments, and constantly hydrating. A light-wind forecast meant … Read more

Thistle Nationals 2022 – Day 0 Measurements

The Florida Yacht Club in Jacksonville Florida is hosting the Thistle Nationals May 15 – 20, 2022. Forty-nine Thistles will be sailing on the John’s River, North Florida’s playground with PRO Mark Foster managing the competition. Thistle Nationals receives a wide draw of competitors, skippers varying in age from 23 – 74, with 10 skippers … Read more

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