Going Fast in a Breeze

Mike Ingham and crew sailing upwind in a white Thistle and hiking hard in big breeze

By Mike Ingham #3969 (This article originally appeared in the 2020 June/July issue of the Bagpipe.) Breeze on! We sailed in overpowered conditions for the entire Thistle Midwinters East in St. Petersburg, FL. It was a lot of fun! Going fast was about hiking hard, steering for waves, playing the main to keep the boat … Read more

How to Avoid a Death Roll in a Thistle

Thistling Community This question and resulting answers was a conversation Initiated by John Gilmour #3141 on the TCA list serve. Q: How do you avoid a death roll in heavy air? At the wonderful ACC Regatta this past weekend, we experienced a death roll in the third race. We had rounded the windward mark a … Read more

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