Webinar on Crew Work and Downwind Tips

Part of the 2020 Thistle Nationals Roundtable Series was a webinar focused on crew work and downwind speed. Jeff Eiber, Greg Fisher, Sarah Paisley, Wayne Pignolet and Jesse Shedden discuss how to coordinate Thistle crew work and improve downwind speed. They also touch a bit on upwind speed to answer questions from the previous webinar. … Read more

Where to Put the Centerboard on a Reach

Skipper and middle crew sailing a Thistle downwind with waves surging on the boat.

Here’s an excerpt from the 2020 Thistle Nationals Roundtable Series. Listen to Greg Fisher describe where to put your centerboard when the boat is on a broad reach. Transcript: Greg Fisher: I’ll kick it off first by just saying we’re on a reach – broad reach – boat’s flat, helm’s neutral. In this situation we’re … Read more

How to Avoid a Death Roll in a Thistle

Thistling Community This question and resulting answers was a conversation Initiated by John Gilmour #3141 on the TCA list serve. Q: How do you avoid a death roll in heavy air? At the wonderful ACC Regatta this past weekend, we experienced a death roll in the third race. We had rounded the windward mark a … Read more

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