Official Notice of Amendment to 2022 Specifications, Chief Measurers’ Rulings and Parts and Materials

In 2022, the Specifications, Chief Measurers’ Rulings (CMR) and Part and Materials Notes were combined into a single document for ease of use.  All CMR’s, and Parts and Materials Notes carry references to the March 2021 documents.   This document contains CRM’s 1-76 with CMR’s 30, 40, 41 and 63 having been deleted prior to this … Read more

Official Notice of Amendment for the TCA 2022 Annual Meeting Vote

Attention Thistle Boat-Owner Members: The Constitution & Bylaws Review Committee has produced edited versions of those documents.  The Governing Board has just now approved the new Bylaws. The Boat-Owner Members must now address this proposed Amendment to the Constitution that has been submitted by the Governing Board. The Amendment to be voted on at the Annual Meeting in … Read more

2020 Amendment: New/Additional Membership Classification

Amendment Proposal by Fleet #126: New/additional Membership Classification Revise Constitution Article IX Membership Classification by adding item 8 to Article IX designating a new classification titled Grand Family Membership 1 Boat. Bylaw revisions are included as well. Constitution to include: Article IX – Membership Classifications Grand Family Membership 1 Boat members may skipper a Thistle … Read more

2020 Amendment: National Championship Qualifying Series Right to Appeal

Amendment Proposal by Fleet #120: National Championship Qualifying Series Right to Appeal Change Article XIII 2. National Race Committee fourth paragraph to read: Competitors in the National Championship shall not be denied the right of appeal unless the National Race Committee and the Organizing Authority together have obtained approval from US Sailing to deny the … Read more

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