Register your Thistle

Why is it important to register your Thistle?

The Thistle Class holds firmly to one-design principles: “a form of racing where all boats are virtually identical or similar in design” (definition from US Sailing). By meeting our one-design rules and registering your boat:

  • You’re eligible to race in Thistle Class events
  • You’ll maintain the value of your boat

If you just acquired your first Thistle, your first year of TCA membership is free!

How to measure your Thistle

Measuring your Thistle can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help. Check out the How to Measure page. It has measurement FAQs and step-by-step instructions on how to take each measurement.

How to submit your measurement documentation

When you’re done, please email or mail the completed form to the Thistle Class National Secretary. Make sure you include:

  • Boat owner’s signature
  • Witness’s signature
  • $20 measurement certificate registration fee (either online at our class store or as a check to the TCA)

Email a PDF Copy To:

Send the paper copy to:

Thistle Class Association
645 East Park Ave.
Barberton, Ohio 44203

Once everything goes through, you’ll receive a certified copy from the secretary.

Thinking of making a change to your boat set-up?

Because of our one-design principles, not every change is class-legal. Our Chief Measurer rules on matters not specifically covered in the Official Plans and Specifications (written specifications and a series of drawings signed by the Chief Measurer).  If you’re not sure whether your change fits within the rules, check out the specs and Chief Measurer’s Rulings. Still not sure? Contact Wayne Pignolet, the Chief Measurer, at Need a copy of the official Thistle plans? Become a member or Buy a set in the class store.

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