Pymatuning 2022 Dornin Memorial

Regatta Results

Race Details

Race Date:



Jamestown, PA


Great Lakes


Lake Erie

Chevron Level:


Race Results

First Place:

3863, Steve White with Nora White

Second Place:

1784, Jesse Shedden with Nicole Gindling and Sarah Paisley

Third Place:

3998,Mark Hess with Curtis Hannah

Basic Regatta Notes

The Dornin Memorial was sailed in conditions that fully challenged PRO John Werley to find a square weather leg. To the credit of the local Lightning Fleet race committee, he mostly succeed, thanks to aggressive course changes in every race. The first two races had wind varying from barely one knot to seven knots. Success depended upon finding the wind, and more to the point, avoiding the holes. Things picked up for the third race, with gusts up to 12 knots. Even so, shifts and soft spots were plentiful, making it challenging to stay in the game. In the end, Pymatuning’s Steve White avoided all the possible mistakes and took home the win. Jesse Shedden came back from a tough first race to take second. On his first trip ever to Pymatuning, Mark Hess put all together for the last race and pulled into third.

Clean Regatta Notes

This was a Sailors for Sea event.

Race Results

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