Goetz Memorial Regatta 2022

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Atlantic Coast


New Jersey

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Race Results

First Place:

Brent Barbehenn, Jon Duffett, Helen Field

Second Place:

Patrick Flinn, Sean Joyce, Colleen Lyons

Third Place:

Doug Kitchin, Alexa Kitchin, Max Gillette

Basic Regatta Notes

The 2022 Goetz Regatta at Lake Hopatcong featured a bit of everything. The forecast was for fairly strong winds from the NW on Saturday. This wind direction suits the lake, as it sets up one of our more ideal courses along a decent axis of water. Race 1 and 2 were very similar, which were mostly sailed in gusty and shifty conditions. The main difference being that Race 1 was a long 6 legger. Brent Barbehenn, Pat Flinn and our team separated from the fleet a bit in both races and had very tight racing with our positions changing at seemingly every crossing. It seemed that whatever boat got leverage to the left of the others usually made gains. In the end Pat won the first race and Brent the second. At the start of Race 3, the wind shifted hard to the left and required a postponement while the RC made a prompt course change. The wind lightened and set up some huge velocity gradients and major localized shifts. We thought we were smart and gybed at the weather mark for what appeared to be great breeze coming down the lake. That dark water stayed about 30 yards from us, while we watched half of the fleet sail away. We eventually moved again, but out of touch with the leaders who were once again Pat and Brent. Pat took the lead into the evening with a 1, 2, 1, while Brent had a 2, 1, 2. That evening we lit up the outdoor fire pit and had some Octoberfest beer on tap. The dinner was outstanding thanks to our amazing kitchen staff. We all ate together in the large timber built ballroom of the 110ish year old club house with a fire blazing in the massive stone fireplace. The group sang Happy Birthday to Susan Richards and enjoyed some birthday cake. There were so many kids running around and we all got to meet the newest additions, the Hembekides twins (grandchildren to Thistler Dan Edwards). The future of Thistle sailing is bright at LHYC. It was just a beautiful evening at the club. Lake Hopatcong sailing was epitomized again on Sunday, where the wind was now coming out of the SW at 5-12. It’s hard to recap because I think half the boats sailing could have rounded first at any given moment. Getting right seemed to be best…until it wasn’t. The final 100 yards to the weather mark was always a puzzle. The shifts were big but short lived so you really didn’t know where you would end up until you were rounding. In Race 4, Brent led around the last mark towards the downwind finish. He got low and away slightly and then the fleet enjoyed a puff that took us all over him. He hung on for a fourth and sat 3 points behind Pat going into our final race. Race 5 was more of the same, but with an upwind finish. Brent got away and Pat got mixed up with Aaron Holland, Chris Murphy and us. In the end, it was just enough and Brent won with 10 points, Pat with 11 and we finished with 14. Congratulations to Team Barbehenn (sailing with Jon Duffett and Helon Field) and Team Flinn (sailing with Sean Joyce and Colleen Lyons), who pretty handily out sailed all of us! Next year will be the 60th anniversary of this regatta so come out and enjoy all Lake Hopatcong has to offer!

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