Resources for Rebuilding and Rigging a Thistle

Three sailors around a Thistle sailboat on shore

So you bought a Thistle that needs some work. Now what?

If you’re trying to rebuild and rig a Thistle, we recommend asking for input at your fleet events and regattas. There are many, many Thistlers who have done this work before and are happy to share their insight. (Looking for a nearby fleet? Check our Fleet Finder to get contact info for one near you.)

If you’re a TCA member, take advantage of of the Thistle Class Google Group (click here to request to join). You can search the discussion archives or ask for suggestions on your project. It’s worth becoming a member just for access to this great resource!

Resources that will help you rebuild and rig your Thistle:

While there are many ways to repair, rebuild and rig a Thistle, here are some resources that Thistle sailors have posted online. Please note that there may have been changes to the official Thistle specifications since these resources were published, so check the specifications in the Green Book before making any changes.

Thistle repair and rebuild resources:

Thistle rigging resources:

Thistle Class Google Group conversations** (available only to TCA members; click the “Ask to join group” button after clicking one of the links below):

*When APS went out of business, they gave the TCA permission to save and distribute their gallery of Thistle rigging photos.
**Not a complete list of relevant Google Group conversations

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