TCA Rules & Documents

The Thistle Class Association is governed by our constitution and bylaws. We have a strong history of volunteer leadership that enforces the spirit of the rules as well as the letter. 

Important Class Documents

This document  revised July 15, 2023 houses the TCA constitution, bylaws, specs, Chief Measurer’s Rulings, instructions to owners, and amendments. 

To find what you’re looking for, open the document and use the on-page search tool (click Ctrl + F on a PC, Command + F on a Mac or the “find on page” tool on mobile). When the search box pops up, enter your search term.July

Constitution ———————— Search “Thistle Class Constitution”
Bylaws —————————— Search “Thistle Class Association Bylaws”
CMRs ——————————— Search “Chief Measurer’s Rulings 1.”
Specifications ——————— Search “Specifications, however complete”
Instructions to Owners ——— Search “Instructions to Owners”

You’ll need to submit the official measurement certificate (along with a $20 fee) to register your Thistle. Here are details on how the measurement and registration process works. Download the certificate.

Only people with current Active or Family TCA memberships are allowed to skipper a Thistle in a race or regatta where Thistles are being sailed as a one-design boat. This list shows eligible skippers and the boat number associated with their membership. View the skipper eligibility list.

If you’re looking for a thorough update of what’s going on in the TCA, you’ll find it in the Bagpipe: regatta results, sailing tips, boat maintenance articles, officer updates and more. This bimonthly magazine has been a mainstay of the class since 1946. See the archives and find out more about the Bagpipe.

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