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Posted 2 weeks ago by Wayne Pignolet

Sails have been sold

 Sails /  Oregon / 220 views


Posted 1 month ago by Peter Andersen

Schock white FG Built 1965 Located in Atlanta Ga. Hull and Mahogany rails renovated 1992. Boat Garaged never fitted out or sailed. 2 sets of sails > 25 years old ok for casual sailing only Will need some work to complete rigging to include stays, hiking strap, refinish rails and Center Console. Dilly Trailer  needs reworking for lights.

 Boats /  Georgia / 215 views


Posted 1 month ago by Justin Cohler

Seeking out a thistle mast after the original mast fractured a few years back. Willing to travel to pick up!  

 Parts /  Massachusetts / 35 views

Old thistle


Posted 2 months ago by Helen Koehler

The boat and trailer are free. Come and get them. The boat is over 15 years old. There also is another thistle that can be used for parts.  The sea worthy boat has been covered with plywood and a tarp for several years.

 Boats /  Massachusetts / 185 views

Posted 2 months ago by Bruce King

Thistle 3570 in solid condition, was owned and cared for by the late Howdy King and located at Indianapolis Sailing Club on Geist.  Race ready.  All tanks dry.  Close to minimum weight (can verify).  Sailed mostly on inland lake/geist.  Green with red waterline and white under waterline.  Teak rails/gratings  Some dents and scratches from docks but otherwise a good, fast D&M that was well cared for by the man himself.   King trailer (super lightweight, easy to move around a lot)  has some surface rust-  just needs a wirebrush and some paint-  I'll throw two new tires on it.  Excellent mast/boom/spin...

 Boats /  Indiana / 345 views


Looking for a boom


Posted 2 months ago by Bill Bitzinger

I'm reaching out to the group for some advice. I bought a mid-sixties D&M boat, 2406, in 1975 but due to life circumstances I haven’t put it in the water since the mid eighties. An un-used boat is a tragedy and I’d like to find it a home with someone. That means more to me than getting some money. I have kept up with maintenance over the years, repairing the rails and a new mast step. It’s truly an older boat with original Race-Lite hardware, a gold mast but no boom. I have the original Boston sails - main, jib...

 Parts /  Michigan / 74 views

#1173 Woodie


Posted 2 months ago by JIM SHULA

#1173 is a true barn find.  At some point around the turn of the century, she was given a new transom, gunwhales and some hull patching.  The work must have been done by a professional because it's very good.  Then she was purchased by a guy who put her in the barn loft for 15 or twenty years.  He gave the boat to my 89 year old neighbor who stored her in his shop for two years before I acquired #1173 from him.  After the restoration, no hardware was re-installed although a lot of the hardware is in a box...

 Boats /  Maine / 752 views


Posted 2 months ago by Doug Stumberger

White NWOD hull built in 2001 and substantially strengthened and faired in 2016. New epoxy bottom in 2016. Foils are pristine. Rudder is round-head. Two sets of North sails (one spinnaker) suitable for weeknight racing. Mast (black) new in 2016. Shrouds use Sta-masters. Boom (black) rigged to use high-tech line for outhaul. 3957 is rigged for racing using lightweight blocks & cleats where possible. Double-ended jib finetune, Cunningham, topping lift – all led to 45’s. Spinnaker cleat mounted at bottom of mast. Vang led to centerboard cap. Lunch cleat for mainsheet. All halyards are high-tech rope. Detachable jib barberhaulers. Spinnaker...

 Boats /  Washington / 462 views


Quantum Mainsail


Posted 2 months ago by Chris Klotz

 Sails /  Florida / 87 views


Posted 3 months ago by Genevieve Iverson

For Sale – 17’ 1992 Thistle sailboat Hull #3802 – Seattle, WA - $5,500 This boat is in great shape, currently launch ready at Leschi, fast and ready to race! Previously "Rat Race" in the Seattle fleet, seller regretfully needs to part with it after moving away from the city during the pandemic. Would love to see it go to someone who will keep it in the fleet and race. Boat has been well maintained and fully covered. Teal fiberglass hull, oiled teak rails and grating and all standing and running rigging in great shape and ready to hit the...

 Boats /  Washington / 695 views


2739 for sale


Posted 3 months ago by Jack Mahaney

Bought new in 1969.  time for a new home.  two set of sails.  gold mast and new silver one.  wooden boom and newer silver one.  ready to go sailing.  with a bit of work could be a good racing boat.

 Boats /  Georgia / 313 views


Posted 3 months ago by robert shadlock


 Boats /  New York / 596 views


Posted 4 months ago by Gill Chandler

Beautifully restored boat has been covered in my garage since 2001. Due to ongoing chronic lower back issues, it is time for someone else to take over the helm. Topside and transom are bright, hull is light blue. Old Shore sails are still usable, but no good for racing. Much Newer, used, Norths still have plenty of race in them  (boat priced accordingly). Aro spars, wood/lead cb, wood ruder, new rails, fwd grating, 45 braces, and stanchions. Shock cord @ spin turtles  and hiking straps has gone limp. Gator, breaking trailer w/bearing buddies and spare tire. Lights and wiring are...

 Boats /  Indiana / 831 views