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by Lynn Rowling

Well loved older thistle with teak trim and seats. The trailer, has new tires. Was used for racing in it’s former life hence all the sails. The cover has been restitched and is in good shape. One jib has been taken in to the sail loft to be made into more of a storm jib for us less than agile.

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by Craig Koschalk

Thistle number 2020- one of the last wooden kit boats built and raced by John Greiner Hull is in need of restoration- CB/Keelson region Has newer (2008?) GMW rails that are stripped and sealed Has newer gratings of same vintage No spars or rigging Comes with Road worthy trailer with center bunk and new tires/lights Contact me for any questions/photos

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by Paul Owens

Boat is very stiff, fast, and well maintained.  It is ready to hook up to the truck and take to Flathead Lake Nationals, only needing to add new sails to be competitive.  It includes 2 carbon fiber spinnaker poles, Full Kinder Industries Covers (see kinders website for photos because that is my boat in all the pictures.)  Top and bottom trailering covers, skirted mast up top cover, centerboard cover, rudder cover, and a full mast cover.  There is a North Spinnaker bag in the bow.  It is the cleanest rigged thistle I've had the pleasure of sailing on.  The line's...

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by Reid Collins

Race-ready refurbished and professional rigged boat (by late David Van Cleef - RIP.)  Boat looks and sails perfect.  This is a VERY nice boat.  Sides and bottom have been painted (Whisper grey sides, white bottom.)  Centerboard and rudder are perfect. Teak looks excellent.  Trailer, travel covers, boom tent cover, rudder, board, and tiller covers.  Very good sails (2 sets – All north DSD.)  Stiffeners have been added.  This is a great boat and a great deal.  I have a few more pictures in addition to website (it only allows me to post 6.)  Interested?  $7500.  Call or email me.  Reid...

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by Ben France

4027 for sale - $22k Boat is minimum weight and like new - always kept inside when not being sailed. Boat includes Wesco trailer, like new bottom and top covers. 4 sets of sails. Boat came out of mold right before 4040. Turn key ready to complete at the highest level and proven fast.

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by Abby Tanner

LIKE NEW! 2016 North Sails Main and Jib, Fisher cut. Only used in a handful of light to medium air regattas. Located in Central Florida. Asking $800 for the set.

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by Abby Tanner

LIKE NEW! 2016 North Sails Main and Jib. Only used in a handful of light to medium air regattas. Located in Central Florida. Asking $800 for the set.

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by Andy Nousen

Race-ready refurbished boat, trailer, covers, new sails & ctrbd. Dark purple above waterline, white below. Comes with trailer, heavy bottom cover, lightweight top cover with skirt, and heavy top cover without skirt. Two full sets of nearly new and older spare sails. New and spare centerboards. Beautiful wood rudder and spare blank. New GMW tiller. Refurbished GMW rails, reinforced hull, stanchions, front flotation deck, centerboard trunk, and chain plate anchors. Stiff boat, a little heavy though. Scratch on starboard bow. Race-ready, but also has under-rail LED lighting for night sailing, custom pennant, carefully detailed Thistle emblem inside front deck for...

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by Jim Beard

This a small collection of vintage Thistle parts that have accumulated over years of Thistling. Most notable is an original D&M centerboard winch. Otherwise, it's a weird collection, as pictured. Why is there only one D&M shroud plate? Who knows. Free to good, or even mediocre home. You pay the shipping.

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by Simon Foweather

Thistle 4018 GMW, complete, race ready, with all parts listed below included. Boat: See pictures, email me if you need any more (this post is limited to 6 pics). Custom trailer: low profile with new tires, new LED lights, new winch, new coupler, spare tire and cover. Bearings are greased. Boat parts: carbon fiber spinnaker pole, JCD tiller extension with aluminum tiller pole, spare aluminum tiller pole, centerboard, rudder. Covers and bags: 1 year old mast up cover; master down top cover, bottom cover, centerboard cover, pole bag, rudder bag, mast bags. Sails: 2018 North Sails: Proctor Jib, Fisher Main,...

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by Ryan Mabie

We are selling our white 1977 Thistle (3601). It was restored and updated some time in the last decade. Everything is functional and ready to sail/race. The running rigging, standing rigging, and hardware are all in great shape with the exception of main halyard showing signs of wear where the wire is spliced into line. 3 yr old top cover in great shape and a hull cover in good shape. The hull is in good shape, some minor scratches/marks from the dock, and some minor chipping paint on the interior. The wood and rails are also in good shape with...

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by John Pangrace

In the mid-1980s, thistle 1721 was turned over on her trailer and professionally painted with a red two-part polyurethane. I put her in unheated inside storage at one of my properties. About eight years ago, she was moved to a storage unit and is still there today. Her condition is fairly good  and seems to be serviceable. The trailer is OK, and the wheels/tires are eight years old.

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by munger skylar

NWOD thistle 3939 Boat was purchased in 2017 And used a total of 3 regattas and daysailed few times. Always stored in a barn. Boat is good condition. I do not plan to race and need it sold. Includes trailer, boat, boom & mast , center board, rudder and rudder cover, full top and bottom covers ( some small holes but overall good condition). 2 spin poles. Multiple older sails. I have a set of sails that has 2 regattas on than that I would like to sell along side the boat. Fisher Main / Proctor jib / radial spin....

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by Marian Larison

Thistle 3887 McCartney 1995 with Shore Land’r Boat Trailer Race rigged, hull fared clean and fast, upgraded Great Midwest rudder 2009.  New Sailor’s Tailor skirted mooring cover, bottom and top travel covers. New set North One Design Thistle Sails. Main, jib, spinnaker sheets. Harness, centerboard cover. Garage kept. $10K Contact Mike Larison  

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by Champ Glover

Thistle3889 is ready to race and has a great Wesco Galvanized Steel Trailer, Bottom  Cover (Sailors Tailor) and Trailing, mast up cover (Quantum) that are in good shape,  Brand new North sails (Ingham setup) except jib has a light year on it.  Carbon fiber spinnaker pole.  Ballenger Mast and newer Great Midwest boom.   Great Midwest rudder has been modified to accept an aluminum tube tiller.   Great boat, I just have to get rid of one of my Thistles, as I have restored 2989.  If buyer is in Midwest, South or Southeast, I can most likely work out arrangements to deliver...

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by edward John

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by edward John

Blue Painted hull with black waterline.  Extensive repairs to stanchions.  new rails and hardware. New rear flotation covered with TOP GUN. New center board gasket, bailers.  Cummingham, jib tensioner, foreguy mounted on 45's.  GMW jibmasters.   Traveler, center board, and vang controls are mounted on centerboard cap. Sails and top cover Trailer with title. new bunks and keelson support, mast support.  Trailer is in great shape.

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by edward John

White gel coat  with green waterline.  Refinished rails and grates. new centerboard trunk cap.  New rear flotation covered with TOP GUN.  New center board gasket, Bailers, new larger size bow tank(class legal)  New hardware and lines.  Cummingham, foreguy and jib tensioner are mounted on the 45's.  Traveler, center board and vang controls  are mounted on the centerboard cap. Sails and top cover.   Aluminum trailer with title, new bunks and keelson supported.  mast support.    

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by edward John

White hull   red waterline  stripe.    Fiberglass rear tanks,  beige painted  bilge.  New rails,  Gmw Jibmasters. New hardware and line.   Cummingham, jib tensioner, foreguy controls are mounted on 45's.  Traveler, centerboard and vang controls  are mounted on centerboard cap.  Sails and top cover. Galvanized trailer with title,  new bunks,  keelson is supported.  Mast support.

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by edward John

Refurbished boat painted white hull with red waterline stripe. All hardware has been updated, new center board gasket, bailers, hardware and lines. Cummingham, jib tensioner, and foreguy mounted on 45's.  Traveler mounted on trunk with centerboard and vang controls.  Sails and top cover   Trailer with title, new bunks and keelson support, mast support.  in great shape.

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