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White gel coat  with green waterline.  Refinished rails and grates. new centerboard trunk cap.  New rear flotation covered with TOP GUN.  New center board gasket, Bailers, new larger size bow tank(class legal)  New hardware and lines.  Cummingham, foreguy and jib tensioner are mounted on the 45’s.  Traveler, center board and vang controls  are mounted on the centerboard cap. Sails and top cover.


Aluminum trailer with title, new bunks and keelson supported.  mast support.



  • Listing ID: 3011025
  • Boat Number: 2726
  • Boat Builder: Unknown/other
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
  • Mast: Silver Aluminium
  • Boom Color: Silver
  • Rudder: Included
  • Centerboard: Included
  • Recent Measurement Certificate: Yes
  • Trailer Included: Yes
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