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PENDING until early June.
Great Midwest Yacht Co.  #3745 (1982) Color: “Finefrock Yellow”
Race ready competitive minimum weight boat  It has done very well when I’ve sailed well.
45 degree braces, scarfed and epoxied to the grading and rails.
Shroud Micro Adjusters
GPS covers, top and bottom
Carbon fiber Spinnaker Pole
Modern GMW rudder (with aluminum tiller)
Marine hand held Radio (and water proof bag)
All required safety equipment — plus reefing setup* — you can remove this, but you will have to check the boat weight — it’s close!
Boat has guy hooks, and twing hardware led back to cleats on 45s.
Vang, Cunningham, and Barber Hauler (led to cleats on 45s) (Barber hauler is very useful on close reaches and in heavy air when in can  be used to de-power the jib.
Spinnaker Halyard is lead back to cleat on Starboard side of CB trunk.  Shock cord powered spinnaker halyard gobbler along keel.
Jib Halyard is lead to port side of CB trunk. (Old Howdy/Bruce King setup)
Rope Main Halyard led through grading to cleat on starboard side of mast partners
8-1 outhaul cascade, inside boom.
Traveler lead to top of CB trunk.
GPS Hiking Straps (front and middle straps are adjustable)
Tactical Compass — (the one with the 5 numbers in each quadrant) I wished I had bought this years before I did.
3 sets of North Sails (Procter cut  Main/Jib)
The newest has hardly been used — probably less then 1/3 a season over the years since it was built (2014).  The boat has be VERY little sailed for the last 10 years.  Spinnaker is still “crispy.”  At least one main was built by North for slab reefing. *
Includes miscellaneous parts and hardware.
Trailer has bow to stern keel keel board for supporting for boat along the entire keel.
Garage stored since I purchased the boat from the original owner (Bill Guess) in 1989 (he sailed in on Lake Murray, SC)
Boat has been not been sailed hard.  (mostly on small inland lakes — probably less than 30 heavy air days on big water)
  • Listing ID: 3036739
  • Year: 1982
  • Boat Number: 3745
  • Boat Builder: Great Midwest
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
  • Mast: Silver Aluminium
  • Boom Color: Black
  • Rudder: Included
  • Rudder Builder/Info: GMW
  • Centerboard: Included
  • Sails Included: 3 sets of North Sails (Proctor cut  Main/Jib)
  • Recent Measurement Certificate: N/A
  • Trailer Included: Yes
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Lincoln Baxter Charlotte, NCNorth Carolina Show Phone Number *****

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