Posted 2 weeks ago by Alexei Lagoutchev

Hello everyone, As per subject, I am urgently looking for a used Thistle top cover- any style,  be it flat trailering, just deck/mast-up or deck/mast-up with a skirt. Mine has suddenly decided to literally fall apart and the winter is around the corner. Will pickup myself anywhere in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Tennessee. Very accommodating about the condition (it cannot be worse than my current one). Please text to 765-237-9452 or reply here. Thanks in advance, Alex

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Thistle 3570 for sale

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Posted 3 weeks ago by Bruce King

Thistle 3570 in solid condition, was owned and cared for by the late Howdy King and located at Indianapolis Sailing Club on Geist.  Race ready.  All tanks dry.  Close to minimum weight (can verify).  Sailed mostly on inland lake/geist.  Green with red waterline and white under waterline.  Teak rails/gratings  Some dents and scratches from docks but otherwise a good, fast D&M that was well cared for by the man himself.   King trailer (super lightweight, easy to move around a lot)  has some surface rust-  just needs a wirebrush and some paint-  I'll throw two new tires on it.  Excellent mast/boom/spin...

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Posted 2 months ago by Gill Chandler

Beautifully restored boat has been covered in my garage since 2001. Due to ongoing chronic lower back issues, it is time for someone else to take over the helm. Topside and transom are bright, hull is light blue. Old Shore sails are still usable, but no good for racing. Much Newer, used, Norths still have plenty of race in them  (boat priced accordingly). Aro spars, wood/lead cb, wood ruder, new rails, fwd grating, 45 braces, and stanchions. Shock cord @ spin turtles  and hiking straps has gone limp. Gator, breaking trailer w/bearing buddies and spare tire. Lights and wiring are...

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