set of bailers

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Posted 4 weeks ago by Adam Young

nice set of bailers. straight and not bent.

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Posted 1 month ago by Willard Machle

Wanted: An Inexpensive yet Sound and Serviceable rudder and tiller for a 1971 D&M rehab project boat. First time Thistle owner Thanks You 🙂 Best Regards, -Bill

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Posted 2 months ago by gerald phelan

Looking for a tapered aluminum pole

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Thistle rudder


Posted 2 months ago by Chris Klotz

Lams rudder. Glass construction. Very modern shape with round tiller hole. Not used much, so is in excellent shape. Fair and minimum weight. No hardware. $420 It will be present at the GLs and Nationals. Chris Klotz or call 727-643-2890 and leave a message

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