#1173 Woodie

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Posted 2 days ago by JIM SHULA

#1173 is a true barn find.  At some point around the turn of the century, she was given a new transom, gunwhales and some hull patching.  The work must have been done by a professional because it's very good.  Then she was purchased by a guy who put her in the barn loft for 15 or twenty years.  He gave the boat to my 89 year old neighbor who stored her in his shop for two years before I acquired #1173 from him.  After the restoration, no hardware was re-installed although a lot of the hardware is in a box...

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Posted 4 days ago by Doug Stumberger

White NWOD hull built in 2001 and substantially strengthened and faired in 2016. New epoxy bottom in 2016. Foils are pristine. Rudder is round-head. Two sets of North sails (one spinnaker) suitable for weeknight racing. Mast (black) new in 2016. Shrouds use Sta-masters. Boom (black) rigged to use high-tech line for outhaul. 3957 is rigged for racing using lightweight blocks & cleats where possible. Double-ended jib finetune, Cunningham, topping lift – all led to 45’s. Spinnaker cleat mounted at bottom of mast. Vang led to centerboard cap. Lunch cleat for mainsheet. All halyards are high-tech rope. Detachable jib barberhaulers. Spinnaker...

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THistle1730 for sale

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Posted 2 weeks ago by Stanley Derzypolski

This boat is being sold by the Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta Foundation, Inc. which raises money for the American Cancer Society.  Located at Shell Point, about 30 miles south of Tallahassee.  It was given to us by a gentleman who bought it to refinish but he got too ill to complete the job.  However, he did re do the entire gunwale and a few other things.  All it really needs is to lightly sand all the woodwork, varnish/seal....and re install all the hardware he removed to work on the boat.  From 1-5, 5 being best, it is probably a...

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3802 For Sale, Seattle

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Posted 2 weeks ago by Genevieve Iverson

For Sale – 17’ 1992 Thistle sailboat Hull #3802 – Seattle, WA - $5,500 This boat is in great shape, currently launch ready at Leschi, fast and ready to race! Previously "Rat Race" in the Seattle fleet, seller regretfully needs to part with it after moving away from the city during the pandemic. Would love to see it go to someone who will keep it in the fleet and race. Boat has been well maintained and fully covered. Teal fiberglass hull, oiled teak rails and grating and all standing and running rigging in great shape and ready to hit the...

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Posted 3 weeks ago by JOHN GEYER

Hull 769 1950 Douglas McLeod minimum weigh stiff supper clean boat well rigged with good hardware Set of crisp Dieball racing sails Good 2’nd heavy air racing jib Set of good practice sails Three good spinnakers various weights Good faired legal weight center board with carry case Lindsay rudder with carry case New travel cover Taper brightly varnish mahogany spinnaker pole Laminated oak and mahogany tiler brightly varnished Good trailer with automobile axle and rims, sturdy well-supportive bunks Good silver mast and rigging, Boom is painted white  2000 – 2002: Prior owner, Wade Huff an engineer, machinist and woodworker, spent...

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2739 for sale

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Posted 3 weeks ago by Jack Mahaney

Bought new in 1969.  time for a new home.  two set of sails.  gold mast and new silver one.  wooden boom and newer silver one.  ready to go sailing.  with a bit of work could be a good racing boat.

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Posted 3 weeks ago by robert shadlock


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Thistle #3033 For Sale

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Posted 4 weeks ago by Jim Cech

Last sailed in 2003 but clean and in ready to sail condition. Teak rails and grating. Pamco trailer recently rewired.  Mast up or down cover.  Would consider meeting half way for an out of state buyer

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Posted 1 month ago by Chris Takacs

Will consider Any Reasonable Offer. Asking $4,750.00. I am Moving!   Must sell as soon as possible. Great Midwest Thistle for Sale # 3654. Strong, very Stiff and Solid Great Midwest Hull.  No Cracks or Hull Damage at all. Light Blue.  Fast. Was 2018 Newport Fleet 169 Fall series Champion. Boat is ready to race.  2 sets of Sails for Club racing. Minimum weight.    Comes with Galvanized Venture trailer and light bar. Spin pole paddles anchor and chain.  Extra Spinnaker Pole. Rudder and Center board are in good shape.

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GMW 3768


Posted 1 month ago by gerald phelan

 Great Midwest 3768. Boat comes complete with trailer, spare tire, clean mast up cover, Shore Sails travel cover, rudder cover, 2 good sets of Fisher mains and Proctor jibs, North spinnaker and 1 spares, large Plastimo compass, Sta-masters to easily adjust schrouds, 1 new and 2 spare tillers, adjustable hiking straps, spinnaker halyard retractor, anchor, chain and line,  Well cared for teak was just cleaned and oiled.  No cracks around seats and tanks.  Boat is stiff as both rails have been replaced in the past. Spare centerboard is available for sale. Call or text me at 607-293-0500 for details.  It’s...

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Posted 2 months ago by Gill Chandler

Beautifully restored boat has been covered in my garage since 2001. Due to ongoing chronic lower back issues, it is time for someone else to take over the helm. Topside and transom are bright, hull is light blue. Old Shore sails are still usable, but no good for racing. Much Newer, used, Norths still have plenty of race in them  (boat priced accordingly). Aro spars, wood/lead cb, wood ruder, new rails, fwd grating, 45 braces, and stanchions. Shock cord @ spin turtles  and hiking straps has gone limp. Gator, breaking trailer w/bearing buddies and spare tire. Lights and wiring are...

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Posted 2 months ago by madelyn mcsweeney

Stiff hull with beautiful teak rails. Rigging needs some work, but the boat has been raced over the past year. Great project boat that needs a little bit of TLC. Comes with a full set of sails and spinnaker pole. Trailer is road-worthy, but has not been tested with long distances. More pictures can be seen on instagram @thistle_2837 or upon request.

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Posted 2 months ago by Eileen Gladd

Wasabi is a well known club racer in the Annapolis and Westport areas.   I got her in 2015/2016 and made repairs including retabbing the seats and replacing the keelson on both sides with Mahogany.  She still has many years left in her and is ready to go as-is.  She is set up perfectly and I have suggested others copy her running rigging because it is simple and effective.  I have a kitchen full of 2nd and 3rd place trophies won with Wasabi.  I haven't been able to get in front of the wood boats in the Annapolis chop, but...

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Posted 2 months ago by Tom Brewer

Thistle #3025 is a Douglass & McCloud fiberglass and teak model that is in excellent condition without any prior major damage to hull or rails. Black, extruded aluminum (ARO) mast, black aluminum boom, wood tilt-up rudder, fiberglass racing rudder, tiller, shrouds, complete running rigging/sheets including spinnaker sheets.  Full suit of sails including Murphy-Nye Main (well used with small patches, battens, reef points, and cunningham) and Spinnaker and VanZandt jib; all Harken blocks throughout; Elvstrom thru-hull bailers.  New, unused Elvstrom compass and many pieces of equipment (e.g. Loos tension meter) to the new owner.  Just purchased new saltwater ‘EZ Loader’ trailer...

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Posted 2 months ago by nancy yannuzzi

Beautiful Thistle in need of restoration (see photos).  17' long, 6' beam. Black racing mast in good shape.  Full set of sails (garage kept), rudder and tiller.  We believe is it is late 60's.  We are the second owner.  Trailer is not road worthy; only used for storage but must go with the boat.  You must make arrangements for hauling and moving.

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Posted 3 months ago by John Anthony

We got the boat in mint condition to join a racing club and have not used it much . the hull  and  rigging are great . some small cracks around where the seat meets the hull and a bit of non structural fiberglass came off the transom .  the teak work has gone natural from the brightwork it was . there was a club here but it faded away , our sons left and we have been looking at this boat for years now .  this boat is a good deal because first we live in a remote area and...

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