How to Get Involved

Try the Thistle…we can’t wait for you to join us! 

Looking for a way to get involved with the Thistle Class?

That’s great! Whether you’re new to sailing or have been around boats for years, we’ll find a way for you to participate.

Want to give Thistling a try? If you live near an existing Thistle fleet, that’s a straightforward path to get involved. Send an email to the fleet captain (you’ll find contact info on the Find a Fleet page when you click on the individual fleet). Many fleets have weeknight or weekend Thistle races, learn to sail events, coaching days and more.

First time sailing? Once you’ve arranged a time to meet, check out how to prepare and what you can expect the first time you sail on a Thistle.

No fleet close by? That doesn’t mean there aren’t Thistlers in your area! Contact Dianne Duckworth, the TCA secretary, to put you in touch with the Thistler nearest you:

Joining the Thistle Class as a member is a great way to get involved. You’ll start receiving the Bagpipe (our class magazine) and you’ll have access to grants, discounts and more. If you’re an active-level member, you’ll be able to skipper a Thistle for TCA-sanctioned events.

Just bought a Thistle? Welcome! Your first step is to register your boat. If this is your first Thistle, you get your first year of Thistle membership free! As you’re working on those steps, make sure you find a fleet to get even more connected.

See what it’s all about! Check the regatta calendar to see what’s coming up. If you’re bringing your boat, make sure you’re a TCA member (only active-level TCA members are permitted to skipper TCA-sanctioned events) and your boat is registered before the event. 

Contact the regatta organizer to let them know you’re coming and that it’s your first Thistle regatta. Need help finding crew? Ask the regatta organizer if there’s someone who could help. 

The Thistle Class is 75 years strong thanks to the dedication of its members and supporters. Donating to the TCA is a great way to keep the class strong for years to come.

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