GB Subcommittee to address the Classes’ concern about the Bylaw Amendment

When I commissioned the GB Subcommittee to address the Classes’ concern about the Bylaw Amendment passed in March, 2023, I committed to keeping the entire Class informed regarding their activities.  When the Subcommittee determined that a Class Survey was the best mechanism to “allow all voices to be heard”, the Subcommittee committed to presenting a final summary of the survey to the Class.  The Subcommittee is now ready to present their summary.
Members of the Subcommittee have been working, since just after Nationals, to digest all the qualitative data (comments from the survey) and integrate the data with the quantitative data.   There were over 2000 comments that had to be read and categorized before the qualitative and quantitative data could be integrated.  We have had one Zoom meeting but many documents have been shared electronically to develop the final presentation.  Please note that all the data we used for our summary and all the tools we used to subset the data came from the exact same report provided to all Class members.
The Subcommittee members are inviting the Governing Board and all interested Class members to attend a Zoom meeting on Sept 26 at 8pm EDT where the summary presentation will be presented.  We have distilled the presentation to 18 slides which should take 30-35 minutes to present.  There will be time to answer questions from the audience.
We invite all Class members to attend if their schedule allows.  The presentation will be recorded and the link posted for those who cannot attend but still wish to hear the presentation and discussion.
The link for the recording is: Video link for session
Please plan on attending this meeting if your schedule allows.
This presentation completes the charge defined for the GB Special Subcommittee. Please join me in thanking the members for all their hard work and the considerable time they have provided in service to the Thistle Class.
Jenny Borshoff, Adam Young, Paul Abdullah, Tommy Glenn, Nicole Shedden and John Howell.


John I Howell III
Thistle Class Association

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