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      Warren J. Duckworth

      Re-posted from Yahoo Groups Sept. 2019

      Hey Everyone,

      Now that I’m retired, and starting to think again about getting a little more active again (it’s been 2.5 years since my boat has been wet), I realize that I really don’t have any decent foul weather gear. I tossed the best set I had (which was West Marine… I would not recommend it) after I was soaked walking around out side in the Hurricane last fall.

      It has been a long time since I surveyed this market, and I think it worth starting a thread amount thistle sailors regarding how to stay dry and warm when sailing in cooler, wetter temperatures. .. not that it has gotten cool yet in the Carolinas… But I am planning to sail Old Salty at least (mid October), and I want to at least “be prepared” (as the Scouts say).

      So… I’d love to hear opinions regarding foul weather gear…



      Many of the Olympic hopefuls really like Zhik. They are really focused on the small boats, so they have a pretty complete set of dinghy gear. Their life jackets have just been CG approved and available in the US. A lot of places cary Zhik, including Coral Reef.

      Mike Ingham


      Now that APS has gotten out of the business, where is the best place to go for line? Compasses? Etc.?

      PS: I would still go to GMW for Thistle parts.

      Loy Vaughan


      Well it depends.

      If you know what you are looking for..

      • Fisheries Supply
      • Defender
      • “Theft” Marine (I mean West. )
      • Fawcetts if your Annapolis centric
      • “Full Serivice” Chandleries
      • Maui Pro
      • West Coast Sailing

      DO support your local sail lofts though if you have one in the neighborhood ask them if they can supply you too.

      -Craig P



      I like to support the “little guy”. While they aren’t tiny, call Irish up in Harbor Springs, MI.

      Mark Andrew


      we use to Vela Sailing Supply for line, rigging, etc. for our Thistles, Flying Scots, and VXOnes. Great service..David knows Rod Vela well..he’s also a dinghy sailor.

      Check their website..also good source for sailing apparel, etc.

      Harry Reich
      (ex1995, 3525, 3783)


      I just had a good experience from a local midwest guy –

      I met Ed Furry a couple months ago at an event in Michigan and reached out to him about a new spinnaker halyard after finding out APS was out of the line biz. Their website is in the process of being updated with better info on the lines and hardware he carries, but he responded very quickly to a DM to clarify what he had to offer. Shipped the same day, I had it the next.

      Another option to consider if you are in the one day ground shipping of Indiana.



      I have heard Defender recommended as well. Have not tried them yet though.

      -Mike McBride


      I will chime in Landfall Navigation has a fantastic selection. Almost as extensive as APS.

      Sean Joyce


      If anyone has a connection to any of these outfits, would you want to reach out to them about advertising in the Bagpipe? I can send you a rate card to pass on. You could show them the Bagpipe on the website (Click on the blue Aug/Sep Bagpipe above the cover to see the whole pdf.) The next deadline is November 1 for the December/January issue.

      John Duckworth


      Hi All,

      I have loved my Musto MPX salopette. I bought it from APS seven years ago and it just wore out. I bought the Zhik salopette and do not find it to be wearing well after just one year.

      Don’t forget, you can buy gear through and they will personalize it for your team. TCA gets 15% of the profit if you say you belong to the TCA.

      Joy Martin
      Thistle Class Secretary

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