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      John NortonJohn Norton

      Good Morning, I hate exercising, I could sail hard all day but pedaling a stationary bike for 20 minutes is not easy for me. It’s a long 20 minutes. To pass the time I read, I find it works best for me.   Of course I read the Bagpipe, old Speed and Smarts, Sailing World and NC Catholic magazine. Hey, sailing isn’t all skill sometimes you need outside assistance that can’t be protested. (Dear God, let me get an overlap) Now you’re thinking who died. Well click the link below and you’ll find out. You’ll pick up the Thistle connection in the sixth paragraph. My sympathy goes out to the family and if anyone from LNYC can tell me more about him I’d love to hear.  On a side note  I love that Monsignor Ingham said the mass. I could have posted this in many places but 8 bells seemed to be most appropriate.  Hope to see you soon.  Happy Holidays John Norton 3725 & 4000  Just realized no spell check, oh well

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