Follow-up COVID Compliance Message

Follow-up COVID compliance message from the TCA Executive Committee – 9/23/20

I am sorry if you found the notice last week to be heavy-handed. There comes a time when we really need to get your attention.

The Executive Committee became concerned last week that some Thistle sailors may not have followed the guidelines; we realized that the advisory position we posted a few weeks ago was not adequate. We are all tired of dealing with the pandemic and we want to resume normal activities. But I am sure you know about recent COVID-19 outbreaks associated with social events at which people were not following the guidelines about masks and distancing.

We considered a) taking no action, b) restating the previous message – “and we really mean it,” or c) taking more extreme measures. We chose the latter for very specific reasons.

Here is what we do not want:

  • Cancellation of our TCA insurance: “You didn’t follow our guidelines for holding a regatta.”
  • Liability suits: “You didn’t enforce precautions and my family member got sick from the regatta.”
  • Headlines: “Yachties (Thistle Sailors) have event and COVID-19 outbreak follows.”
    {Such as happened here: “‘Reckless’ frat party at the University of New Hampshire linked to coronavirus outbreak” – CBS News}
  • Sanctions on Thistlers: We would rather not sanction anyone. Instead, we want the deterrent to work. We are not interested in “catching” people; we want to motivate them to adhere to precautions.
  • And most importantly, we do not want Thistle sailors seriously ill or dying of COVID-19.

Here is what we do want:

  • Pandemic precautions taken seriously by everyone at regattas, or do not go
  • Participation at regattas
  • Live for another season

If you are already onboard with following the Thistle Class guidelines, thank you! The vast majority get it, but we need everyone to be safe. We want people to take all the precautions seriously.

I hope that explains the reasoning. Remind your friends and please wear your face covering and/or keep a spinnaker pole length apart from everyone at the sailing venue! We want to see you all, alive and well at the next regatta, and someday up close and without masks.

Please know that the TCA’s pandemic position comes from a place of caring – for the Class and for every person who sails these boats.

Tom Hubbell, TCA President