Executive Meeting Minutes Thursday August 17, 2023

Executive Meeting Minutes

Thursday August 17, 2023



Present: John Howell, Warren Duckworth, Nicole Shedden, Tom Hubbell, Aaron Holland and Wayne Pignolet

Treasurer: Sarah Paisley

Secretary: Dianne Duckworth


Meeting called to order:  8:05 pm (EST)

  • July Minutes: Will be approved at a later date
  • Secretary’s Report: Dianne Duckworth
    1. Membership: June 2023 membership: 569 (+36); July 2023: 577 (+7)
  • Treasurer’s Report: Sarah Paisley
    1. July 2023 P&L: Total Income $700.00, Total Expenses $4,372.01, Net Income ($-3,672.01)
    2. 2023 to July 2023 P&L 2023: Total Income $63,442.23, Total Expenses $37,838.68, Net Income $25,603.55
  • First VP’s Report: Nicole Shedden
    1. Nationals
      1. Flathead
        • Working with Dianne on trophies. Plan to have the order to the trophy company by September 1
        • Need to communicate to skippers about St. Pete trophy request
        • Thanks to Aaron for managing Instagram takeovers for the week; we had positive feedback on the posts
      2. 2024
        1. Chris Murphy will be NRC Chairperson
        2. Started working with Hopatcong team on basic communications plan
  • Need to decide if Women’s and/or Junior Nationals will be during the main event or elsewhere on a different weekend for 2024
  1. 2025 and beyond: Have had conversations about: Wrightsville Beach (South), Newport (East), Ventura (West), Sandusky (Midwest). Will start talking to RVPs about securing a 2025 venue by March 2024
  2. Eligibility
    1. A female sailor asked if sailing Women’s Nationals will count as a major chevron event for alternative qualification. John started an email chain with recent/current/upcoming 1st VPs and NRC Chairs to discuss
    2. Same group is discussing how eligibility should work for people who live far from an active fleet/district
  3. Midwinters
    1. MWW: Will communicate with organizing team about adding regatta to event calendar and Bagpipe
    2. MWE: Started working with Tommy and Paul on basic communications plan
  • Second VP’s Report: Warren Duckworth
    1. Google Groups
      1. Members: 550 to 561
      2. No issues with postings
    2. Website:
      1. Have 18 regatta postings
      2. Have published the ExCom meeting minutes on the website up to May 2023
  • Regatta results posted: National’s, Women’s, and Junior’s for 2023
  1. 16boats for sale on Marketplace

Third VP’s Report: Aaron Holland

  1. a) We had 5members for the Under 26 participate in Nationals.
  2. b) Will work on social media needs for the future
  3. c) Idea to have regional/district pages on website explaining what to expect at regattas in a sailing series to

      promote the regattas and the series, ex. LE Fall Series, East Coast Fall Series, Southeast Series

6) Chief Measurer: Wayne Pignolet

  1. Centerboard shims ruling needs to be clarified
  2. Boat safety needs to be check at Nationals
  3. Made a note that all compasses be checked before racing begins at National
  4. Need to discuss Mast availability with Doug Labor and get set prices for mast and booms (silver/black)
  • Past President’s Report: Tom Hubbell: No report
  • President: John Howell
    1. GB Subcommittee met to integrate qualitative data into results of transgender survey
      1. Working on final report now
      2. Anticipate presentation to GB by end of month
  • Nicole and John working on “Lessons Learned” as a document to share with the US Sailing One-design committee.  Will get ExCom approval before sharing.
  1. Ashli Slawter is sending a check to TCA for trophy fees for Nationals
  2. Feedback from survey results and Fleet 110 amendment vote announcements has been minimal, and all supportive
  3. JIH working with Alex to see if we can improve his ability to support the TCA
  4. JIH will commission an ad hoc committee to assess and propose how to deal with PNW Thistle molds per discussion with Paul Cone.
  • New Business: John Howell
    1. Nationals Debrief:
      1. TCA needs to complete our debrief in the next few weeks
      2. Online document available to collect input
  • Summary will be provided to NFYC
  1. TCA ExCom needs to formalize structure to act on what we learn from regattas (Regatta Management Document)
  2. Strategy
    1. JIH has requested approval of ExCom to manage the Financial Strategic Initiative and the Fleet Boat/Boat Grant initiative.
    2. Motion was made to approve this request, seconded and passed by ExCom
  • JIH will provide monthly updates to the ExCom
  • Adjourned: 9:44 PM (EST)
  • Next meeting: John Howell will send an email.



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