Executive Meeting Minutes Monday July 03, 2023

Present: John Howell, Warren Duckworth, Nicole Shedden, Tom Hubbell, Aaron Holland and Wayne Pignolet

Treasurer: Sarah Paisley-absent

Secretary: Dianne Duckworth


Meeting called to order:  7:05 pm (EST)

  • May Minutes: Approved
  • Secretary’s Report: Dianne Duckworth
    1. Membership: May 2023 membership: 533 (+50); June 2023 membership: 569 (+36)
    2. Sympathy card to Champ’s family
  • Treasurer’s Report: John Howell
    1. May 2023 P&L: Total Income 19,596.83, Total Expenses $ -740.52, Net Income $20,337.35
    2. 2023 to May 2023 P&L 2023: Total Income $61,247.23, Total Expenses $30,667.87, Net Income $30,579.3
  • Chief Measurer: Wayne Pignolet
    1. All amendments are posted and waiting for vote at the Annual Meeting at Nationals
    2. May have some clarification of amendments at Annual Meeting
    3. Measurement team for Nationals is still being assembled.
    4. Will send out a notice on what will be measured at Nationals and a call for volunteers.
  • First VP’s Report: Nicole Shedden
    1. Nationals:Flathead
      1. Registration full at 90 participants; 0 people on the waitlist
      2. Qualification:
        • Dianne has sent Districts participation lists; NRC Chair and I are validating qualification.
        • Alternative qualification: A few more requests met the alternative qualification requirements; Need to decide on M. Russell
      3. Women’s and Junior Nationals
        1. 11women registered, 2 juniors.
        2. Working with Wayne Pignolet on post-regatta debrief with photos/video.
  • Sent Ashli a junior sailor waiver from a US Sailing template.
  1. 2024 Nationals: Confirmed Tom’s River Yacht Club, August 3-9, 2024
  2. Midwinters East
    1. Fort Walton Yacht Club; Practice Saturday, March 9, racing Sunday – Wednesday March 10-13, travel day Thursday March 14, Orange Peel Friday-Saturday March 15-16
    2. Need to think about perpetual trophies (whether we pursue the deeds or create new trophies)
  • Second VP’s Report: Warren Duckworth
  1. Bagpipe Aug./Sept. issue at printers by Wednesday, July 5th
  2. Google Groups:
    1. Members: 541 to 550
    2. Monitoring GG for any violations on posting policy.
  • Posting Policy will be reviewed this fall for any changes needed.
  1. Website:
  2. Have 15 regatta postings. Two new posting for regatta results: ACC’s and GLC
  3. Daily race rankings from Nationals 2022 were well received and will do in 2023.
  • Nicole, Aaron, and Warren are working Instagram takeover to post each day at Nationals.
  1. Ready to publish the ExCom meeting minutes on the website will post starting with April 2023
  • Third VP’s Report: Aaron Holland
    1. We have 4 members for the Under 26 participates for Nationals.
    2. Working on proposal for First time Youth Member receive free membership paid through G&P Funds
    3. Will revisit proposal for G&P Funds to help offset babysitting for parents with children at Nationals this fall
  • Past President’s Report: Tom Hubbell:
    1. Attorney from US Sailing Ethics Committee inquired about banning Women events in the TCA: Tom explained and told the attorney he will keep him apprised as the situation develops.
    2. Nominating Committee is still working to get a candidate for a 2nd or 3rd Vice President.
  • President’s Report: John Howell
    1. Sub-Committee
      1. The Sub Committee for Women’s National bylaw Amendment has met 5 times and designed a survey for members. It ends on July 8th and the results will be posted on a private website for viewing.
      2. 925 invitations for the survey sent out/459 have responded. (50%)
  • Sub-Committee will continue to work getting more information on different demographics.
  1. Nationals Flathead Lake Yacht Club
    1. Mention of a Pride march /parade at Nationals. John spoke to organizers to explain the legal side of having permits for the yacht club and school grounds. Was well received and no organized event will take place.
  2. Information sessions on Amendment VII
    1. John thanked Nicole Shedden, Laura Graham, and Jenny Borshoff for an excellent job at presenting at the second session.
    2. Good feedback from last session
  3. Online Voting
    1. Amendment VII has 177 /526 or about 30% have voted.
    2. Sent a voting form to all unaffiliated members for Amendments I to VI who will not be present at Nationals Annual Meeting
  4. Voting at Nationals
    1. 9 Fleet have 2 or less members will be voted on at GB meeting at Nationals.
    2. This will affect the # of fleets needed to make quorum at the Annual meeting.
    1. New Fleet: John Howell
      1. Bend Oregon; Midtown Yacht Club Amanda Osteen FC and Philip Gordon FS
      2. Fleet 185 Skyliners/Sky Liners Thistle Fleet  Fleet number to be verified.
  • Motioned and carried.
  1. John requested reimbursement for $400 to SurveyKing. The $400 was previously approved by ExCom. Motioned and carried
  2. Wayne Pignolet reported that Matt Russell (NFYC member) was asking for a special exception to attend Nationals
    1. ExCom needs to individually respond to Jesse Shedden NRC, as previously requested.
  • Adjourned: 8:45 PM (EST)
  • Next meeting: John Howell will send an email.


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