Executive Committee Meeting Minutes March 30, 2023

Executive Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 30, 2023



Present: John Howell, Warren Duckworth, Nicole Shedden, Tom Hubbell, and Wayne Pignolet

Absent: Aaron Holland, Sarah Paisley

Secretary: Dianne Duckworth 


Meeting called to order:  8:06   pm (EST)

1)      February 2023 minutes: Approved

2)      Secretary’s Report: Dianne Duckworth

  1. a)   Membership: February 2023: 420 memberships; March 2023 membership: 465. (+45)
  2. b)   Pull Chevron Events and mail out chevrons

3)      Treasurer’s Report: Sarah Paisley

  1. a)   February P&L 2023: Total Income $5,959, Total Expenses $2,093.37,  Net Income, $3,866
  2. b)   February Balance Sheet Total Assets  80,250,  Operating Funds $40,049  Growth and Promotion $39,725
  3. c)   John Howell is asking Sarah to prepare a budget for the nest meeting in April 2023

4)      First VP’s Report: Nicole Shedden

  1. a)   Nationals
  2. i)       Flathead

(1)    103 registered; a few boats are on the waitlist

(a)    Increased the registrant limit from 90 to 100+ by taking car parking spaces away to make room for more boats in the lot

(b)    Need to edit NOR section 4.1 to change the limit to 100

(2)    Ashli has her Nationals prep article to John Duckworth for the May/June/July Bagpipe

(3)    Alternative qualification: 

(a)    Currently have 1 request for alternative qualification; individual is currently registered but didn’t meet the stated requirements; I will make his petition available to the ExCom and the NRC Chair per XIV.5.e.5 so we can make a decision.

(b)    Michiana DG Mark Udell asked if skippering 2022 Nationals would count as a “major chevron” event for alternative qualification (XIV.5.e.2.b); Tom Hubbell (led the Constitution/Bylaw clarification project and was involved in the original conversation in the early 2000s) gave the interpretation that any gold, silver or blue chevron event would qualify as the “major chevron event.” He intends to propose a bylaw change this summer to clarify that article.

  1. b)   2024 and beyond
  2. i)       2024:

(1)    Expect the finalized Chautauqua bid from Tom soon

(2)    Expecting a bid from the Hopatcong fleet for a Nationals at Tom’s River, NJ

  1. ii)       Need both bids finalized in writing so the RVPs and I can make a proper analysis to help the GB make their decision; the RVP/1st VP team is creating a bid assessment process that we can use going forward.

iii)     Will start working with other RVPs on creating a list of potential Nationals venues (have already been working with AC region)

  1. c)   Midwinters
  2. i)       MWW dates are set for 2024: championship racing Feb 1-3, match racing Feb 4
  3. ii)       MWE: FWYC was thrilled to host us and asked us back for 2024. Tommy is having conversations with them about potential changes, but he knows we’re not settled on a venue.
  4. d)   Trophies
  5. i)       Trophies were sent around March15; I’m emailing the trophy winners an apology for the delay
  6. ii)       Have the spreadsheet we used for 2022 trophies that we can repurpose for 2023 to speed the process

5)      Chief Measurer’s Report: Given by John Howell for Wayne Pignolet

  1. a)   Have submitted 5 measurement/specification amendments to Scott Griffin
  2. b)   Mast Butt Design: Post to Google Groups but has little feedback
  3. c)   Committee meeting in 2 weeks to plan for National’s measurements
  4. d)   Mast supply: we have a good supply for a year
  5. e)   Will have a MarkSetBot meeting with Kevin Moran

6)      Second VP’s Report: Warren Duckworth

  1. a)   Bagpipe:
  2. i)       April 1, 2023 deadline for articles for next issue
  3. ii)   North Sails still not committed to ad in Bagpipe

iii) West Coast Sailing receiving ad as a National’s sponsor

  1. b)   Google Groups: 500 members – active chatting with no issues.
  2. c)   Website
  3. i)       Went from 20 in February to 27 Regatta scorings posted in March
  4. ii)   8 boats for sale on Marketplace

iii) Will check with Pierce Barden on how he is doing with Marketplace postings and removals

  1. iv) Will GB Meeting Minutes at ExCom review

7)      Third VP’s Report: Aaron Holland- Absent, no report

8)  Past President’s Report: Tom Hubbell

  1. a)   Nominating Committee will be screening
  2. i)       Slate deadline June 2023
  3. ii)   Slate will be emailed and posted on Google Groups and website

9)  President’s Report: John Howell

  1. a)   Thanked Nicole Shedden and Tom Hubbell for their time and talents for editing and clarifying the Strategy Documents
  2. b)   Women’s Nationals: Joe Hart sent a letter to the ExCom about his and other members’ concern on the passing of Article XIV-paragraph 17 Bylaw.
  3. c)   Walked through The D&M Plan (Strategic) Power Point
  4. i)       Asked the ExCom to go through and make comments to this question

10)  Adjourned: 10:09 PM (EST)

11)  Next meeting: John Howell will send an email.




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