Executive Committee Meeting Minutes February 22, 2023

Executive Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Present: John Howell, Warren Duckworth, Nicole Shedden, Tom Hubbell, and Aaron Holland
Absent: Wayne Pignolet
Secretary: Dianne Duckworth
Treasurer: Sarah Paisley
Meeting called to order: 8:07 pm (EST)
1) January 2023 minutes: Approved
2) Secretary’s Report: Dianne Duckworth
a) Membership: January 2023: 300 memberships; February 2023 membership: 420. (+120)
b) Sent out cancellation chart of reasons why past members left TCA.
c) Thank you’s have been sent out to all donations to date.
3) Treasurer’s Report: Sarah Paisley
a) January Balance Sheet 2023: Total Balance (Total Assets): 67,915.47, Operating Balance (PNC Operating):
34,427.49 and Growth & Promotion Balance (PNC Balance): 39,725.33
b) January P&L 2023: Total Income $22,827.20 & Total Expenses-$10,653.07: Net Operating Income, $ 12,174.13
and Net Income, $ 12,174.13
4) First VP’s Report: Nicole Shedden
a) Nationals
i) Flathead 2023
(1) Eighty-eight registered (fully paid); three registered unpaid.
(2) Need to compare registration list to membership list, especially if there's a wait list.
(3) Last day to get a full refund is June 1; that's also the day that the late registration fee goes into effect.
(4) Propose weekend schedule change: practice race Saturday afternoon, Women's/Junior Nationals
Sunday 8am
(5) Re: hardware at the event, I had proposed inviting Baron Marine. Joy Martin is talking to West Coast
Sailing. I'll talk to Joy and make the Barton connection to make sure we have someone there offering
b) 2024 and beyond
i) Chautauqua update from Tom: The Chautauqua Institution is willing to be the location for Nationals the
third week of June 2024. Tom will bring a proposal to MWE. No lifting out every day.
ii) Working with Dave Hansen and DGs from New England, Niagara Frontier, Long Island Sound on East Coast
iii) Wrightsville Beach update from Howard Mendlovitz via John: Wrightsville is a potential for 2025, not 2024
c) Midwinters East
i) Thirty-eight registrants
ii) SI's almost complete
iii) Working with John, Wayne and Jesse on standardizing some of our silver and gold chevron expectations and
d) Trophies
i) Should be getting a final quote from the engraver; I'm going to email the trophy winners an apology for the
ii) Mike Ingham is still working on plaques; I emailed him asking for an update.
5) Second VP’s Report: Warren Duckworth
a) Bagpipe
i) Feb/Mar/Apr has been sent out.
ii) April 1 st is the next deadline to John Duckworth for publication May/June/July Issue 3
iii) Aaron requested to look at other ways to further decrease the cost of publishing Bagpipe such as reducing
quality of paper stock.

b) Website
i) Rigging and Boat Maintenance APS links moved to West Coast Sailing, all links working on website
ii) Regatta postings is at 20 and going well.
iii) Sailors for the Sea background color has been changed to make it easier to read
iv) Marketplace has 10 boats for sale.
(1) Pierce Barden is now the Marketplace Monitor
c) Google Groups
i) Has 506 members and discussions are going well
ii) Thistle Class survey URL to be posted to GG for survey on “Why do you like Thistle sailing?”
iii) Thistle Class Survey QR code to be posted at MWE.
iv) Request to secretary to send survey link to RVP’s and DG’s.
6) Third VP’s Report: Aaron Holland
a) Waiting to hear legal issues for the proposal of events to be supported with G&P funds
b) Gathering information on the 26-year-old and under group
c) Working with Junior’s for Nationals and refunds on registration.
7) Chief Measurer's Report: Given by John Howell for Wayne Pignolet
a) Wayne is looking to completely re-write CMR 65 rather than revise it and will present the re-write at GB
meeting on February 23, 2023.
8) Past President’s Report: Tom Hubbell,
9) President’s Report New Business: John Howell
a) Working on proposal for dues increase for 2024 membership to help eliminate the yearly budget deficit
b) Discussed Bylaw Proposal to clarify the governance of Silver and Blue Chevron Events
c) Discussed Bylaw Proposal regarding consequences for failure to have a valid measurement certificate, failure to
have a valid class membership and Constitution Proposal for consequences regarding failure to have safety
d) Discussed Article XIV-18 Bylaw Proposal on Gender Identification for Women’s Nationals
Adjourned: 10:01 PM (EST)
10) Next meeting: John Howell will send an email.

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