Executive Committee Meeting Minutes April 19, 2023

Executive Meeting Minutes

Wednesday April 19, 2023



Present: John Howell, Warren Duckworth, Nicole Shedden, Tom Hubbell, Aaron Holland and Wayne Pignolet

Treasurer: Sarah Paisley

Secretary: Dianne Duckworth 


Meeting called to order:  8:02 pm (EST)

1)       John Howell gave Jesse Shedden the floor to speak on National Qualifications/Exemptions

  1. a)   Alternative qualification: NRC Jesse Shedden gave recommendations on 2 petitions-ExCom voted

2)      March 2023 minutes: Waiting for Approval

3)      Chief Measurer: Wayne Pignolet

  1. a)   Has submitted 5 measurement/specification amendments to Scott Griffin and to be voted on at Nationals

4)      Secretary’s Report: Dianne Duckworth

  1. a)   Membership: March 2023: 465 memberships; April 2023 membership: 483 (+12)
  2. b)   Pull Chevron Events and mail out chevrons

5)      Treasurer’s Report: Sarah Paisley

  1. a)   March 2023 P&L: Total Income $2,076.00, Total Expenses $7,036.75, Net Income $-4,960.75
  2. b)   2023 to March 2023 P&L 2023: Total Income $39,688.40, Total Expenses $20,449.16, Net Income, 19,239.24
  3. c)   March Balance Sheet Total Assets 74,884.58,  Operating Funds $35,242.26, Growth and Promotion $39,425.33
  4. d)   Clubspot has $10.00 fraudulent charges, Dianne is checking on these.

6)      First VP’s Report: Nicole Shedden

7)      Nationals

  1. a)   Flathead
  2. i)       101 registered; 0 people on the waitlist
  3. ii)       Need to edit NOR section 4.1 to change the 90 limit

iii)     Ashli is working on budget numbers, but they’re behind what they expected because:

(1)    New banquet venue with rented tables and catered food is more expensive than their former plan (that location was sold; new owner isn’t honoring contract)

(2)    No late fees paid as expected

(3)    School district began conversation about money to be paid for campers

  1. iv)     Race Committee

(1)    Richard Johnson and NFYC team working well together and seem to be on top of things (group met 4/18)

(2)    Unsure if Regatta Network will handle our Bordes System scoring; I’m looking into it and options if it can’t

(a)    ExCom recommended St. Pete Scorer or Excel/Sheets file

  1. v)       Women’s and Junior Nationals

(1)    Working on NOR

(2)    Aaron asked about related coaching/training; Wayne Pignolet and I will work on post-regatta debrief with photos/video

  1. b)   2024
  2. i)       Expect the finalized Chautauqua bid from Tom soon
  3. ii)       Bid from the Hopatcong fleet for a Nationals at Tom’s River, NJ is almost final

iii)     Nationals Site Selection team is creating a bid assessment process that we can use going forward as a proper analysis to help the GB make their decision

  1. c)   Midwinters East: 
  2. i)       Met with Paul Abdullah and Tommy Glenn about ideas for next year; potentially back to back MWE and Peel
  3. ii)       Will communicate with John Deermount if we decide not to go to St. Pete this year and about potential trophy options


8)      Second VP’s Report: Warren Duckworth

  1. a)   Bagpipe: At the printers
  2. b)   Google Groups: Up 15 members to 515.
  3. c)   Website
  4. i)       Went from 27 regatta postings in March to 31 regatta postings in April
  5. ii)   Changed the picture on the website for Strategic Plan

9)      Third VP’s Report: Aaron Holland

  1. a)   Working on getting teams together for Women’s and Junior’s Nationals
  2. i)       Will work with Warren Duckworth, Emmy Duckworth, and Jenny Borshoff to getting teams together
  3. ii)     Nicole is working on a form to help with registration for Women’s and Junior’s

10)  Past President’s Report: Tom Hubbell

  1. a)   Nominating Committee
  2. i)       Slate deadline June 2023- committee is on target
  3. ii)   Looking to fill the 2nd VP position

11)  President’s Report: John Howell

  1. a)   Assigned a committee to work moving the Class forward regarding  Women’s National bylaw Amendment passed in March.
  2. i)       Committee: John Howell, Nicole Shedden, Tommy Glenn, Paul Abdullah, and Adam Young
  3. ii)   Will start meeting immediately.
  4. b)   Strategic Plan
  5. i)       Start background and planning projects
  6. ii)   ExCom to write a basic scope to implement the Strategic Plan

iii) Nicole Shedden reported on College and Cultural Demographics: 56% Women Sailors including 18% LBGTQ+

12)  New Business: John Howell

  1. a)   Jerry Pignolet, photographer is pairing up with Bill Crawford to do videography with drones. Testing at the 8 Ball Regatta for free.
  2. b)   Looking in to having open ExCom meetings for GB members to attend
  3. c)   John will send an email to ExCom on homework before next meeting

13)  Adjourned: 9:40 PM (EST)

14)  Next meeting: John Howell will send an email.


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