Executive Committee Meeting Minutes May 24, 2023

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday May 24, 2023



Present: John Howell, Warren Duckworth, Nicole Shedden, Tom Hubbell, Aaron Holland and Wayne Pignolet

Treasurer: Sarah Paisley

Secretary: Dianne Duckworth


Meeting called to order:  8:03 pm (EST)

  • March 2023 minutes: Approved– April 19, 2023 minutes: Approved
  • Secretary’s Report: Dianne Duckworth
    1. Membership: April 2023: 483 memberships; May 2023 membership: 533 (+50)
    2. Sent out all Chevrons through June.
    3. Fraudulent Charges will not go through and no need to do anything. I will recheck this information.
    4. Emailed past due members and received 18 renewed memberships.
    5. Thank you’s written to Stanton Smith for donation. One to Matt Sessions?
  • Treasurer’s Report: Sarah Paisley
    1. April 2023 P&L: Total Income $1,542.00, Total Expenses $7,816.47, Net Income $ -6,274.47
    2. 2023 to April 2023 P&L 2023: Total Income 41,650.40, Total Expenses $28,295.63, Net Income, $13,354.77
    3. Submitted a Budget Overview for 2023
  • First VP’s Report: Nicole Shedden
    1. Nationals
      1. Flathead
        • Registration full; 0 people on the waitlist
        • Qualification
          • Dianne is contacting DGs to request Districts participation lists so NRC Chair and I can validate qualification
          • Alternative qualification: 3 requested but don’t need excom approval because they meet the alternative qualification requirements
  1. Women’s and Junior Nationals
    • Registration is live on Regatta Network; regatta posted on TCA web calendar
    • Will work with Wayne Pignolet on post-regatta debrief with photos/video
    • Need to find or make a junior sailor waiver
  • 2024 Nationals
    • Fleet 36 submitted a bid for Tom’s River; presented to GB by email on 5/24 with the site selection committee’s analysis
    • No bid coming for Chautauqua
  1. Midwinters East
    1. Tommy Glenn is working on solidifying dates for 2024 at Fort Walton Yacht Club; Paul Abdullah is scheduling the Orange peel back to back
    2. Spoke with John Deermount about St. Pete.
      • For 2024 they offered Tuesday, Feb. 27 — Saturday, March 2 with racing Wed-Sat and awards in the boat lot Sat afternoon.
      • If we don’t go to St. Pete in 2024, there’s no guarantee we’ll get a spot in the future.
      • Re: trophies, he thinks some of the trophy deeds reside outside the club grounds in offsite storage, so it would take a while for someone at the club to acquire them
      • Need to show official appreciation to John for chairing the regatta. Ideas?
    3. Midwinters West
      1. Need to work with Pacific Coast RVP Jenny Borshoff to select a Class Representative per Bylaw Article XXI.1
  • Second VP’s Report: Warren Duckworth
    1. Bagpipe: Deadline is July 1st for the Aug./Sept. issue
    2. Google Groups:
      1. Members: 521 to 541
      2. Have some for-sale postings, would like to change forum rules to decrease sales postings
    3. Website
      1. Have 27 regatta postings
      2. Have one new regatta result posting: looking for ideas to get more members to post results
  • 15 boats for sale on Marketplace along with sails and equipment
  1. Post a Google Sheet for Women’s and Junior’s Nationals on website or the NOR for lending boats as well as available skippers and crew.
  2. Are we ready to publish the ExCom meeting minutes on the website?
  • Third VP’s Report: Aaron Holland
    1. Working on getting teams together for Women’s and Junior’s Nationals
      1. Will work with Warren Duckworth, Emmy Duckworth, and Jenny Borshoff to getting teams together
      2. Nicole is working on a form to help with registration for Women’s and Junior’s
  • Chief Measurer: Wayne Pignolet
    1. Has submitted 5 measurement/specification amendments to Scott Griffin and to be voted on at Nationals
  • Past President’s Report: Tom Hubbell: No report
  • President’s Report: John Howell
    1. Assigned a committee to work moving the Class forward regarding Women’s National bylaw Amendment passed in March.
      1. Committee: John Howell, Nicole Shedden, Tommy Glenn, Paul Abdullah, and Adam Young
      2. Will start meeting immediately.
    2. Strategic Plan
      1. ExCom members invited to comment on first Strategic Project Scope
      2. ExCom to write a basic scopes for each project in the Strategic Plan
  • New Business: John Howell
    1. Electronic voting by sending ballots. Voting closes 7 days after scheduled annual meeting
    2. John will set up facilitated discussions (one, two?) with question done through chat
  • Adjourned: 10:11PM (EST)
  • Next meeting: John Howell will send an email.



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