MAD Regatta

COVID-19 Considerations:  This is a 1 day double handed eventYou are encouraged to sail with a family member, co-habitating person, or someone you are reasonably sure is a COVID free.

Because this event is aimed at double handed teams, we do not plan to race in winds over 15 MPH. Please let us know if you plan to come by contacting Mike McBride. This will allow us to contact you in the event of a cancellation.

We do not plan on using the clubhouse for the event. The bathrooms will be open, but we cannot guarantee that they are COVID free. Use at your own risk.

Upon arrival, please find a space away from others in the parking lot. Set up and hang out there.

Please stay socially distant from the other teams. If you are compelled to get within 6 feet of someone outside your sequestration circle, please wear a mask.

Please wear a mask while in the launch area and while on the dock. This is the area where it is hardest to maintain distance.


Jul 25 2020


Skippers meeting at 11:00 AM
All Day




Hoover Sailing Club
4250 Smothers Road, Westerville, OH, USA
Event Types / Locations


M McBride

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