Eligibility Lists

Who’s eligible to race Thistles?


The Thistle Class requires that all Thistle skippers have an active or family TCA membership to participate in a race or regatta where Thistles are being sailed as a one-design boat (club races, fleet races, local and national regattas).

As part of our commitment to one-design principles, all Thistles must be registered before they’re raced. Eligible skippers may race a borrowed or chartered Thistle as long as the boat is registered. 


You don’t have to be a member to participate as crew, but many Thistle crew support the class with an associate membership. Consider joining the class!

Current eligibility lists for race organizers

Please check the eligibility of all skippers and boats participating in your races or regattas. If someone isn’t on the list, they can go through the membership process on the website and show you their membership confirmation page. 

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