Support the Class You Love

If you’ve been around this class for any length of time, you’re probably a Thistler because these people became your friends and then turned into your Thistle family. Some of your favorite memories are from Thistle events. Will you help sustain and grow the Thistle Family? 

Will you take that passion and support the class you love?

Goal Met! 2020/21 Matching Grant –
We RaiseD $58,000 for the TCA!

Details will be out soon on our next steps in our strategic plan!

We will continue to:

  • Offset the cost of TCA coaching sessions
  • Cover regatta entry fees for our 26 and under skippers at chevron events (sailing fees, not food costs)
  • Conduct strategic marketing efforts to attract more great people to this class
  • Aid fleets as needed to make sure Thistling remains strong across the nation


Why spend class money on these?

Coaching Sessions: Providing coaching to Thistlers at every level is one of our core values. We put on training events (like Coach TCA) because continuing to learn and improve skills makes sailing fun and keeps people in the game.

26 And Under Chevron Regatta Fees: Remember what it was like to be in school or working your first “real” job? Money could be tight! We want to make chevron regattas accessible for this group by paying their regatta fees.

Strategic Marketing Efforts: Sailing has a lot of competition these days. Money we spend on marketing sets us up for growth through things like an updated, user-friendly website, a social media strategy, and advertisements.

Aid Fleets: Strong fleets make a strong class. History has proven that TCA growth comes from fleet growth. When a fleet has a well-thought-out growth strategy but needs a bit of funding to make it happen, we have funds to help.

What can you spare to make this class better than ever before?

$5? $25? $100? Don’t be intimidated by the amounts listed below. What’s easy for some is impossible for others. Every cent adds up. 

What has the TCA done with donations in the past?

In 2018, class members raised $36,766 from a matching grant ($21,766 + $15,000 matched). We put that money to use!

  • 2018: Covered regatta entry fees for 4 junior skippers (26 and under) at chevron events
  • 2019: Covered regatta entry fees for 8 junior skippers (26 and under) at chevron events
  • 2020: Hired a marketing company to set us up for success in our digital marketing efforts (including creating this website and developing a TCA social media strategy);
    Converted TCA to digital membership management to be more member-friendly