Thistle Nationals 2022

THISTLE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Clubspot ResultsThistle Nationals Pictures – Florida Yacht ClubDay 0 MeasurementsDay 1 Practice RaceDay 2 Race 1 & 2Day 3 Race 3 postponedDay 4 Late Start Race 3 & 4Day 5 Long Day Race 5 & 6Day 6 Team Abdullah wins   SAILORS SAIL NUMBER BOAT NAME CLUB/ORG DIVISION NET TOTAL R1 R2 … Read more

Thistle Nationals 2022 – Day 2 Race 1 & 2

Thistle Nationals – Monday, May 16 – Jacksonville, FL, FYC The opening day of racing at the Thistle Nationals provided some great weather and a slight respite from the high temps we all encountered over the weekend.  The winds weren’t very strong, nor very stable, but the great Race Committee, led by Mark Foster, got … Read more

Thistle Nationals 2022 – Day 1 Practice Race

On a stroll through the boat yard this morning, in bright Florida sun and temps hovering around 90 degrees, there was a nice bustle among participants at the 2022 Thistle National Championship at Florida Yacht Club in Jacksonville. Sailors were catching up with friends, making last-minute tuning adjustments, and constantly hydrating. A light-wind forecast meant … Read more

Thistle Nationals 2022 – Day 0 Measurements

The Florida Yacht Club in Jacksonville Florida is hosting the Thistle Nationals May 15 – 20, 2022. Forty-nine Thistles will be sailing on the John’s River, North Florida’s playground with PRO Mark Foster managing the competition. Thistle Nationals receives a wide draw of competitors, skippers varying in age from 23 – 74, with 10 skippers … Read more

Official Notice of Amendment to 2022 Specifications, Chief Measurers’ Rulings and Parts and Materials

In 2022, the Specifications, Chief Measurers’ Rulings (CMR) and Part and Materials Notes were combined into a single document for ease of use.  All CMR’s, and Parts and Materials Notes carry references to the March 2021 documents.   This document contains CRM’s 1-76 with CMR’s 30, 40, 41 and 63 having been deleted prior to this … Read more

Official Notice of Amendment for the TCA 2022 Annual Meeting Vote

Attention Thistle Boat-Owner Members: The Constitution & Bylaws Review Committee has produced edited versions of those documents.  The Governing Board has just now approved the new Bylaws. The Boat-Owner Members must now address this proposed Amendment to the Constitution that has been submitted by the Governing Board. The Amendment to be voted on at the Annual Meeting in … Read more

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