Midwinters West 2020

Thistle Midwinters West 2020 Mission Bay Yacht Club, January 29-February 1, 2020 by Mike Poltorak, #3410 This year’s Thistle Mid Winters West (MWW) turned out to be a fantastic regatta. I got motivated early to try to get all of the local competitive boats on the racecourse either with their owner or as a charter. … Read more

Thistle Fleet Tune-up Days

By Scott Meyer, #3811 Fleet tune-up days: our approach and thoughts on how to get everyone in your fleet up to speed. Last year we had 3 new boats in our fleet. They were new to the Thistle Class, and as anyone in a new class has found out, there are some quirks to any … Read more

How to Avoid a Death Roll in a Thistle

Thistling Community This question and resulting answers was a conversation Initiated by John Gilmour #3141 on the TCA list serve. Q: How do you avoid a death roll in heavy air? At the wonderful ACC Regatta this past weekend, we experienced a death roll in the third race. We had rounded the windward mark a … Read more

Compass Conversations with Mike & Delia Ingham

compass mounted on a Thistle

This article originally appeared in the 2019 June/July issue of the Bagpipe. The Coach TCA participants at this year’s Midwinters East Championships were treated to a great session with Mike and Delia Ingham as they shared their routines for using the compass as they compete on their Thistle. I took these notes to share with … Read more

First year of membership free for first-time Thistle owners

First-time Thistle owner? Get your first year of TCA membership free. Get your first year of Thistle Class membership for free! If you acquire your first Thistle and aren’t currently a member, we’d like to pay for this year’s Thistle Class Association membership for you. Details If you aren’t currently a member of Thistle Class … Read more

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