The Thistle Class at 75 Years – We’re Thriving!

This July we launch a new Thistle Class Association website. We thought this would be an appropriate time to look at how things are going, especially since the pandemic has turned our usual sailing season into a time of reflection. Enduring the challenges of the virus I believe our Class is strong despite the effects … Read more

Thistle Tuning Guides

Mast tune has a great deal to do with your performance. Here are tuning guides for commonly-held Thistle sails. North Sails (general guide) Fisher Cut Tuning Guide Proctor Cut Tuning Guide Northwest Cut Tuning Guide Quantum Sails Dieball Sails (no longer being produced)

Used Thistle Buying Guide: 5 Tips to Judge a Used Boat

Checking out the Thistle sailboats for sale on our Thistle Marketplace? Here are 5 things to check before buying an older Thistle sailboat. Thistles can generally be found for $2,000 – $15,000 depending on their age, condition, rigging, etc. Purchasing a new Thistle will cost between $20,000 – $25,000 for an all-up boat ready to … Read more

Discounted US Sailing Membership for Thistle Members

Join US Sailing today and get a discounted membership. Thistle Class members get a discount on their US Sailing membership. Please consider joining! Get your discounted membership with this link: US Sailing is focused on building a strong and vibrant future for our sport. The organization supports sailors through things like: Managing The Racing Rules … Read more

Midwinters East 2020

Thistle Midwinters East 2020: When I’m 64 St. Petersburg Yacht Club, February 29-March 6, 2020 by John Deermount #3987 As we age, we’re supposed to slow down and be more leisurely. Well, somehow the 64th Annual Midwinters East at St. Pete didn’t get the word. Tampa Bay acted more like a Millennial overloaded on Red … Read more

2020 Amendment: New/Additional Membership Classification

Amendment Proposal by Fleet #126: New/additional Membership Classification Revise Constitution Article IX Membership Classification by adding item 8 to Article IX designating a new classification titled Grand Family Membership 1 Boat. Bylaw revisions are included as well. Constitution to include: Article IX – Membership Classifications Grand Family Membership 1 Boat members may skipper a Thistle … Read more

2020 Amendment: National Championship Qualifying Series Right to Appeal

Amendment Proposal by Fleet #120: National Championship Qualifying Series Right to Appeal Change Article XIII 2. National Race Committee fourth paragraph to read: Competitors in the National Championship shall not be denied the right of appeal unless the National Race Committee and the Organizing Authority together have obtained approval from US Sailing to deny the … Read more

2020 Thistle Nationals Postponed


A note from TCA President Tom Hubbell Hello Thistle Family, We have decided to postpone the Thistle National Championship presented by KeyBank until July 31-August 6, 2021. The Cleveland Yachting Club leadership and the club’s Nationals organizing committee, led by Fred Hunger, along with the Thistle Class Executive Committee are all in agreement: August 2020 … Read more

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