Atlantic Coast Region

Regional Vice President
Dave Hansen
davidanne616 at

Major events:

  • Atlantic Coast Championship (rotates location)
  • District Championship for each district (rotates location, sometimes combined)
  • East Coast Fall Series (approximately 8 regattas through the fall)

Districts in the Region: 

  • Central Atlantic (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia)
  • Long Island Sound (Western Connecticut, Eastern New York)
  • New England (Eastern Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)
  • New Jersey (New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania)
  • Niagara Frontier (Western New York)

Need information from a district governor?

You’ll find contact info on the Class Officers page.

Unique to this region: 

  • The East Coast Fall Series wraps up with a Halloween parade after racing at the Red Dragon Canoe Club.
  • A sailboat-launching roller coaster
  • Two seafood-focused regattas: the Oyster Roast and the Crab Regatta (Severn Sailing Association)

Upcoming Regional Events

No event found!
Want to start a fleet in this region?  If you have three or more Thistles in your area, you’re in luck!  Here are the basic steps to starting a Thistle fleet:
  1. Get your 3(+) boats measured, registered and dues-paid. Each boat must have a distinct owner, and that owner must be a member of the TCA.
  2. Make sure there’s not already a fleet in your area
  3. Contact the regional vice president to talk through the details (such as what district you’ll be in) and get help where needed.
  4. Decide who will be the fleet secretary.
  5. Contact the TCA National Secretary to request a new fleet charter!

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