2020 Amendment: New/Additional Membership Classification

Amendment Proposal by Fleet #126: New/additional Membership Classification

Revise Constitution Article IX Membership Classification by adding item 8 to Article IX designating a new classification titled Grand Family Membership 1 Boat. Bylaw revisions are included as well.

Constitution to include:

Article IX – Membership Classifications

  1. Grand Family Membership 1 Boat members may skipper a Thistle in sanctioned events in accordance with the Bylaws.

Bylaws revisions to include the addition and description of Grand Family Membership 1 Boat.

Article II – Membership, Eligibility, Dues and Fees

  1. Dues & Fees
    (a) (1) Thistle Class Association annual dues shall be:
    Family Membership $60
    Grand Family Membership 1 Boat $120

After current section 4, add the following section 5, and increment the section numbers for the current section 5 and all subsequent sections. Current section 5 becomes section 6, etc.

5. Grand Family Membership 1 boat. Under this type of membership, a grandparent and immediate family including grandchildren under the age of 21, are all regarded as active members. Immediate family is defined as husband and wife,children/stepchildren and their spouses, and grandchildren under the age of 21. This membership is limited to a single boat for the entire family. For the purposes of voting, the grand family may designate 1 individual as the active boat owner member. All defined grand family members may skipper Thistles in sanctioned events. The boat’s district shall be determined by fleet membership or residence of the active boat owner member. Only the active boat owner member will receive a printed version of the Bagpipe. All other members may receive an electronic copy if desired.

Rationale for proposal:

Many of our members are aging, and would like to encourage younger generations to sail. This proposal allows children and grandchildren to be welcomed as skippers at sanctioned events, without having to go through the membership process themselves (we all know juniors love paperwork). The hope is that we can get boats that have been less active because of aging owners to be more active with younger folks at the helm. By limiting the membership to 1 boat per grand family, we avoid impacting existing Thistle families where multiple boats and memberships already exist.

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