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Quantum Sails is proud to support the Thistle with world class products, service and support.


Bringing our knowledge of the Thistle together with Quantum's iQ Technology™, Quantum Sails has created the next generation of Thistle shapes. 


The DT-5 mainsail is a great all-purpose winner. It is relatively flat and especially straight in the back end, which allows it to be sheeted harder without stalling. Great in light air or big breeze, this sail a proven winner in all sailing conditions. The DT-5 is one of the fastest and most durable sails available.

TJ-7B Jib

The TJ-7B jib is one of the biggest sails on the market. This translates into more power in the rig. It it sensitive to jib halyard tension as conditions change, but this versatility gives the sail a wide and forgiving groove.

AP Radial Spinnaker

The AP Radial Spinnaker features a flatter shape that really shines when the breeze goes forward, while providing the power needed to sail deep on the runs.

AP Crosscut Spinnaker

The AP Cross Cut Spinnaker is an excellent sail for all ranges and angles. This sail features AirX 600 for maximum durability.


With superior and personalized customer service, we’re with you every step of the way as loyal advisors, friends and fellow sailors. It’s about providing unparalleled customer service and serving as a trusted resource and partner for all your sailing needs.

Our service model provides:
  • Expert consultation on materials, design, tuning, hardware, etc.
  • Access to Quantum’s racing, design, and service experts.
  • Collaborative educational and training efforts designed to make your sailing experience the best possible.
  • Excellent product warranty backed by sailing and service experts at more than 60 locations around the globe.
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At Quantum® One Design, our mission is twofold: We want to help you win races and to have more fun sailing. In addition to offering a line of premium products, we’re here to guide our customers by offering tuning tips, racing clinics, one-on-one training and other services to help you meet your next challenge.

Thistle Web Cast Series

Quantum Thistle class expert Karl Felger hosts an interactive two-part webcast series to help you have your best Thistle season yet!

  • Part 1: Tips & Tricks (May 23, 2017- In part one, Karl and the team will discuss expert tips and tricks for Thistle sailing from tuning to handling.