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Sam Ingham Beats Dad to Win the Larry Klein Match Race Championship

posted Mar 9, 2017, 8:01 PM by Thistle Class

The Larry Klein memorial Match Race was changed somewhat from other years. The 3 race qualifying series was out, and double elimination was in. Cesar Romero used the internet to find a 9 participant double elimination bracket to fill in with boat numbers. The course was set as a 4 leg zig-zag with both port and starboard mark roundings and a sepa­rate finish line. That meant that more than one race could be going on the course at the same time, just five minutes later.

Sunday morning was chilly, cloudy, and calm. A little rain had fallen overnight, and drizzle threatened most of the day. The skippers’ meeting explained all about the box, the umpires, the flags, and the various colored marks. Some of the extra time gained by dropping the qualifying series was lost in waiting for the wind to come up. Once it did the Race Commit­tee got things moving quickly.

All boats had their first race before the One Loss Bracket began eliminating teams. As teams left the field, the others had less and less time to relax before returning to the fray. Sam Ingham was sent to the One Loss Bracket after his first race against John Baker. But from that point on, he won his way to the top of that bracket including a rematch with Bak­er. Meanwhile Mike Ingham knocked out all his competition in the Winning Bracket, until the finals where he faced his son, Sam.

Sam won their first encounter, but that meant they each had just one loss. One more race was needed, and Sam got out ahead, but was careful to cover his dad right from the start of the first beat. On the second leg, Sam got his spinnaker pole up early to be ready after the upcoming starboard rounding. The third leg was downwind where Sam pulled further ahead. Mike closed the distance somewhat on the last beat, but Sam kept him covered for about 2/3 of the beat before he aimed right for the finish.

In the end Mike Gillum and his all-family team took 3rd Place, Mike Ingham, a proud father, took 2nd Place, and Sam Ingham claimed 1st Place.