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Double Deck Ideas

posted Jan 16, 2016, 7:21 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 16, 2016, 9:46 PM ]
Mike Gillum posted this to the Thistle mailing list and it look so interesting, I thought it needed to become an article here on the website. -- Paul Nelson

Mike says...

My double-deck trailer which has gone cross-country several times carries the top boat right-side up using a Dolly fabricated using .120 x 2 x 6” rectangular aluminum Tube with fiberglass Bunks scavenged from a previous Thistle Trailer while the four corner Supports are fabricated using 3/16 x 2” square TS with steel plate Horizontals and “Saddles” to attach the Supports to the frame of the Trailer as well as the Dolly along with a pair of diagonals constructed of ½” steel Rod with Clevis at both ends and fixed Wheels at the bow/front and swiveling Wheels at the transom/rear of the Dolly.

When we double-deck to Mission Bay Yacht Club it’s a battle to see who ends up with the Dolly as it’s so much easier to move around the yard and parking lot than the Trailer!

Masts are carried atop the top boat using a pair of carpeted 2 x 6 Doug Fir Tie-Down Bars with 2 x 6 verticals with carpeted cut-outs to carry upwards of three masts.

For 2010 MWE Dave Keran drove my galvanized double-deck Trailer, his boat #3905 and my #3820 on its GMW trailer back to St. Pete as #3820 was delivered to Richard May immediately following MWE.  For that trip I used a pair of 4 x 6 Doug Fir Beams that attached to the existing Supports using fabricated Mounting Brackets that thru-bolted to the 4 x 6 Beams to carry the second Trailer.

Biggest advantage of the second trailer is that you end-up with plenty of spare tires for the cross-country trip as Dave eventually had to change both of the tires on my double-deck Trailer when both tires slowly delaminated.

My Dolly has been used at Eugene Yacht Club for 2010 PCC’s and 2012 TCA Nationals but we were allowed to stay near the Hoist.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you at EYC in less than six months!

Mike Gillum #1010


Here's a photo of Dave Sexton's double decker rig that has traveled to quite a few regattas. It does keep the top boat low for reduced windage and honestly, I could not even feel the difference between one boat and two behind my big diesel van. There are sockets welded into the trailer to receive the four posts that support the cross braces. 

Were I to do this again, I'd make a better support system for the rails as the entire weight of the boat is on the rails with this rig. I'd rather have the boat right side up as it's easier to pull off with a hoist than round up a bunch of sailors.

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