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2014 Central Atlantic Districts Recap

posted Oct 13, 2014, 10:51 AM by Tca Webmaster
June 4, 2014
Added by Scott Buehler

With 15 boats on the line, Charlie Krafft defends his Central Atlantic title, staying in front of past champion Jesse Gaylord (2nd) and up-and-comer Dave Deptula (3rd).  This year’s Championship was hosted this year at the CA District's premier venue, Severn Sailing Association, who were proud to offer their newly renovated clubhouse and facilities for the event.

•         Shifty and puffy breeze (10-20) out of the north moving northeast along with a ton current provided a challenge for PRO Jesse Falsone, whose team was equal to the task getting in 3 quality races, including a triangle course to end the day in race 3.
•         Chop and traffic contributed to the current and variable winds to provide the racers with a considerable challenge as well, who were also equal to the task -- with the exception of a few souls who wrestled the current and the windward mark in race #2.
•         After the first day, Charlie Krafft held the lead with a score of 5 (3-1-1) - only 4 points in front of Deptula who posted 2-3-4.  The rest of the field was very tight as only 9 points separated positions 3 through 12
•         After a challenging day on the water, racers were greeted on shore by great beer on tap and a BBQ dinner
•         Forecast was for light breeze on Sunday out of the south-east that might not fill in until later in the day, but the RC was intent on giving us another chance to get out on the water.  After postponing an hour on shore, there was enough breeze to get us out. 
•         As expected the breeze struggled to fill in completely, but was consistent enough to set windward leeward course that held up for 2 more races
•         In a contest to see who could find and stay in the finicky breeze, Jesse Gaylord was the winner on the day.  Jesse posted a 1-2 to jump into second place over Dave Deptula who managed to hang on to 3rd place fending off the rest of the pack.
•         Charlie Krafft posted another bullet in the first race which guaranteed him the Championship before the 5th race began.
Race Number
Boat #Skipper/Crew/Crew12345Total
635 Krafft, Charles31111218
1356 Gaylord, Jesse15122121
4045 Deptula, David2347925
3771 Moore, Don64106228
1329 Latham, Scott41065530
2201 Foltis, Rosemary811231438
4021 Annand, Chris71439639
3687 Buehler, Scott515541342
1316 Parramore, Michael127813343
3141 Gilmour, John1021512746
3898 Hale, Peter991114447
3952 McMaster, Earl1467101047
1696 Perera, Rob151398853
4023 Edward, John131214111161
3994 Moreau, Nick1181316/DNC16/DNC64