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Thistle Photo Galleries

Orange Peel 2015 by Tina Deptula

MWE 2015 by Tina Deptula

MWW 2015 by Paul Nelson - PhotoBoat.us

MWW 2014 by Paul Nelson - PhotoBoat.us
MWW 2013 by Paul Nelson - PhotoBoat.us
C of C 2014 - Sunday R1 By Ron Fiedler
C of C 2015 - Sunday R2 By Ron Fiedler

MWW 2012 by Paul Nelson - PhotoBoat.us
2012 Nationals by Tina Deptula
Orange Peel 2012 by Tina Deptula
MWE 2012 by Tina Deptula
Oyster Roast 2011 by Tina Deptula
Dornin Memorial Fall Regatta - Pymatuning Yacht Club by Tina Deptula
Goetz Memorial - Lake Hopatong Yacht Club by Tina Deptula
Thistle Nationals 2011 by Tina Deptula
Nationals 2011 by John Duckworth
MWE 2011 by Tina Deptula
MWE 2011 by John Duckworth
2010 Nationals Friday by Marlene Reasoner
2010 Nationals Thursday by Marlene Reasoner
2010 Nationals Wednesday by Marlene Reasoner
2010 Nationals Tuesday by Marlene Reasoner
2010 Women's and Junior Nationals by Jason Rziha

2009 Mid Winters East by Tina Deptula
2008 Great Lakes Thistle Championship by David Furber
2008 Thistle Midwinters West by Janette Zeman
2008 Thistle Midwinters West by Edna Johnson
2008 Thistle Midwinters East by Jim Tompkins
2008 Thistle Midwinters East - Monday by Tina Deptula
2008 Thistle Midwinters East - Wednesday by Tina Deptula
2008 Thistle Midwinters East - Thursday/Friday by Tina Deptula
2007 Old Goat Regatta by Jeffrey Martinroe
2007 Dixie Junior Regatta by Dale Newnham
2007 Dixie Regatta by Dale Newnham

2006 Midwinters East by Craig Smith
2006 Great Pumpkin Regatta by Dale Newnham

2005 Interdistricts @ Keowee by Eileen Gamey
2005 Admiral Farragut Regatta by Eileen Gamey
2005 South Atlantic Districts by Eileen Gamey
2005 Bottoms Up Regatta by Eileen Gamey
2005 Thistle Rigging Pictures from Mid Winters by Dale Newnham