TCA_Members Group

Membership in the TCA_Members Google Group lets you make posts to the web site in the News and Classifieds sections.
To join you must have a Gmail account. If you don't have one, I suggest creating one based on your hull number. (Example You can use any Gmail account though. You can create a new Gmail account at

Join the TCA_Members to make posts and comments on the web site.
  1. Login into your Gmail account.
  2. Go to the TCA_Member group page at:!forum/tca_member
  3. Click on the Apply to join group box. If you don't see the blue box, it means you're not logged into your Gmail account.
    Do that first then come back.
  4. When you apply, you'll have to answer a question about Thistle sailmakers so we'll know you're not a web spambot. We manually approve all new members, usually within 24 hours. Then, as long as you are signed into your Gmail account you will be able to create posts on the web site in the News and Classifieds sections. BE SURE to click on the little "Sign in" link on the bottom of the page if you're having problems posting. (You won't be able to sign in until we approve your group membership though...)!forum/tca_member