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57 in Ohio - $8,500

posted Feb 5, 2015, 5:07 PM by Unknown user
"This is a professionally rebuilt hull with ALL new wood parts - transom, trunk, gratings, thwart, seats and rails. The only original wood is in the hull shell itself, the stem and half the thickness of the keelson. Every part is fully epoxy encapsulated. The inside of the trunk is glassed and coated with graphite/epoxy before assembly. All parts are glued in place with epoxy. Interior is fully epoxied with two full varnish coats applied. 

This hull is not yet faired or glassed and the outwales are not yet installed. The paint and/or varnish scheme you favor will determine how the fairing and glass work is done. For a completely painted exterior, I favor doing virtually all the heavy fairing work before it is glassed, burying the fairing material under the glass. I also prefer to install the outwales after the glass is applied. 

I can complete this hull for you or you can do it yourself, knowing the hard work of a full rebuild is already done.

The asking price is $8500. That price is about half the cost of a new glass hull that will break down and get soft after a few years. The wood hull remains stiff and competitive.

Contact me with questions or to make an offer.