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2287 in Maryland - $4,500

posted Dec 2, 2016, 4:08 AM by Paul Nelson   [ updated Dec 2, 2016, 4:09 AM ]
1968 D & M -- Probably the nicest Thistle ever restored. A professional boat builder, as his personal project for his own use rebuilt this Thistle. No details were left out. The boat has not been raced since restoration.

The boat was completely striped to a bare hull including removing all hardware, wood, and the seat tanks were cut out. The old interior gel coat was removed. Next the centerboard trunk was reinforced with glass tabbing in the stressed areas and faired. Any stress crack were repaired using standard marine repair practices. All the old hardware holes were repaired to allow for a fresh start when mounting the new hardware. Next the removed seat tanks were sanded and the under side of the top of the seats were cored with balsa to stiffen them. Reinforcements were added to the shroud attachment points. The seats were reinstalled into the hull using glass tabbing and epoxy. A new floatation tank was constructed under the back grate using lightweight foam core fiberglass techniques. The entire interior was then sanded and faired. The interior was then gel coated, white. Gel coat was used because of it's superior resistance to abrasion and knocks. The interior non-skid areas are Awlgripped with non-skid added. The color is moondust.

All new teak grates and rails were constructed and installed, including 45 degree bracing as seen done on most Thistles. All the joinery was assembled and fitted to the boat with West epoxy. If you look under the teak decks rails you will see a nice radius bead of epoxy running the length of the hull. All the teak undersides were coated with three coats of epoxy, and the all the teak was coated with six coats of marine spar varnish. It looks beautiful.

The boat was fitted with new blocks, mostly Harken ball bearing type: some are the new air blocks which are very nice. The boat has new jibmaster cleats and a new Harken main sheet traveler system.

The boat is fully rigged and set up with all the controls for racing. The boat has the preferred aluminum black mast and boom. The hull topsides are painted with Flag Blue Awlgrip with a red boot top. The bottom is painted with Interlux VC Teflon Performance Epoxy, which is basically a racing bottom paint that offers no fouling protection but is sanded to a very smooth finish.

The rudder and centerboard are in perfect condition. The tiller is a solid piece of varnished oak and is fitted with a tiller extension. A new carbon spinnaker pole is included. Under the forward port rail are two custom leather lined mounts to store the pole. All running rigging is new and was applied by Annapolis Performance Sailing. The boat is fitted with new adjustable hiking straps for all crew positions. The boat comes equipped with three attachment points installed for lifting. A custom vinyl coated wire-lifting harness is included

The tailer is a 1963 Gator with bearing bodies, recent bearing, new tires and recent paint. It has LED lights. The trailer has not been in the water since being rebuilt. We hoist launch at out club. There is an additional light board that mounts to the rear of the boat and plugs into the trailer harness. This gives you two sets of lights, one on the trailer and one on the rear of the boat. The light board incorporated the rear mast support for carrying the mast when the boat is on the trailer. The front mast support is built into the trailer. Contact areas are covered with leather to protect the mast.

A boat cover is included. It is made oif Sunbrella. It's designed as a complete boat cover and is fitted to the boat with the mast up and boat on the trailer.

The boat is set up for either racing or day sailing and comes with two sets of sails. One is a North set fro day sailing that includes a main, jib and an older spinnaker. The North main has a reef and also has mast sides to help keep the sail undr control when day sailing. Also fitted for day sailing is a set of lazy jack and a Boomkicker. This keeps the boom under control when day sailing. The main just drops right onto the boom when lower. The boomkicker supports the boom, so you just tighten the main sheet and it sits there under control and out of the way. Set for day sailing my wife and I zipped around with the main and jib averaging 6 - 7 knots with the occasional 8 knot semi-planning speeds showing on the handheld GPS.

A Quantum set of practice racing sails is included. In excellent condition.

Bottom line, this is one of the best looking, best equipped Thistles available. A new Thistle would cost you four times this amount.

The boat at one time was measured and I have the Official Certificate of Measurement and Registration from the class association.

Photos provided upon request.

Ask for Leigh / 410-353-9000