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2221 in Cooperstown, NY - $2,750

posted Oct 11, 2015, 3:44 PM by Tca Webmaster   [ updated Oct 25, 2015, 11:03 PM by Paul Nelson ]
This excellent condition race-ready GMW boat needs a new home as I have moved and there’s no local Thistle fleet in Buffalo. Priced to sell before winter storage please contact me right away if you’re interested. I have more pictures.
I’ve owned the boat for nearly 5 years and have raced it competitively all but one of those seasons.
Its sail package comes with 3 jibs – 1 ulman and 2 norths (1 in very good condition); 4 mains – 1 ulman, 2 north fishers (one in great condition), and 1 north proctor (very good condition); and 3 spinnakers (neither of which are great but get the job done for club racing).
Aluminum spinnaker pole in excellent condition, backup wooden spinnaker pole someone gave to me, mast-up cover is old and needs some work but will do the job, and the rudder was re-varnished right before I bought the boat and is still in excellent condition. I’ve added new maffioli swiftcord main sheet, new maffioli swiftcord spinnaker sheet, new padded hiking straps, new cleats, new blocks, and new topping lift.
Last season I stripped all the varnish off the rails, repaired some wood (repair shown in pictures 5+6), and reapplied the varnish – looks and feels great.
Trailer is in very good condition.
I wish I could keep it but it’s become impractical to keep owning. I’d love to sell it to the right buyer before needing to put it into winter storage.

Contact me (Andrew) at ajgreen@buffalo.edu or 607-267-0492.

Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/wv1xqHLbHmUDwd1K8